A Step-By-Step Guide to Safely Using THCA Flower

March 13, 2023

A Step-By-Step Guide to Safely Using THCA Flower

A Step ByStep Guide To Safely Usng THCA Hemp Flower

You may have heard the rumblings around town about THCA Flower, aka the latest and greatest new cannabis product on the market. As the precursor to THC, tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCA) offers just about all the benefits as THC. The difference is how it gets there.

It’s a common misconception that THCA will not get you “high.” In fact, THCA can give you just as effective an experience as THC if you know how to use it correctly. We put together this step-by-step guide to safely using THCA hemp flower so you can maximize its benefits and get the results you’re looking for.

1.  Verify the Source of the THCA Flower

The first step to making sure you use THCA flower safely is to verify that it is coming from a reputable source. Licensed cannabis dispensaries and high quality cbd retailers will always provide extensive information about where they get their products from. Take Black Tie CBD, for example. We make all of our 3rd party lab tested analyses available for customers to review right on our website. Every product undergoes extensive testing with a third party lab to ensure that the results are 100% legit and never doctored. We take the safety of our customers extremely seriously and know that this is the most important factor when providing a product like THC-A flower. To safely use hemp, it’s critical to start with a trustworthy retailer. This is the best way to set yourself up for a safe experience overall.

2.  Know the Methods for Using THCA Flower

One of the benefits of THCA flower is that there are several ways it can be used and enjoyed. Some people smoke it while others dab. Others still consume raw THCA flower buds by adding them to baked edibles, juices, or even salad dressings. You can actually make a lot of delicious recipes with these buds! Before you dive right in, it’s important to know the various methods available so you can decide which one is right for you.

3.   Determine How You Want THCA Flower to Make You Feel

Part of knowing which method you want to use with THCA flower is figuring out how you want to feel. Are you looking to get “high” from THCA? In that case, smoking or vaping would probably be best. If you prefer to use it solely for its anti-inflammatory, pain management properties and want to bypass the psychoactive effects, consuming the hemp flower in a raw state would be a better choice.

4.  Use a Vaporizer

If you’re thinking about vaping or smoking THCA flower, one of the safest ways to go about it is to use a vaporizer over a vape pen. Vaporizing heats the THC oils and releases a vapor that filters out smoke, tar, and several other irritants. This could give you a cleaner, safer experience.

5.  Try Several THCA Hemp Flower Strains

Moving forward, the best way to ensure that you enjoy THCA flower is to get experimental. Try out a variety of different strains to see which one works best for you. Black Tie CBD has several THC-A Flower varieties, all of which can be purchased right on our site. Some of our highly recommended flowers include:

  • GUSHERS (INDOOR) THC-A Hemp Flower, an Indica-dominant hybrid with a sweet, doughy aroma you’ll instantly love! Great for mood and sleep, this highly dense THC-A hemp flower contains a total of 17.1% THC (divided between THC and THC-A).
  • JELLY BREATH (GH) THC-A Hemp Flower, another Indica-dominant hybrid designed to enhance your focus and mood. With a medium-high density, Jelly Breath is best enjoyed in the afternoon or evening. Open the bag and you’ll immediately be met with a fragrant, flower-berry blend.

The safest way to consume any cannabis product, whether it’s THC-A hemp flower, CBD gummies, tinctures, concentrates, or topicals, is to first purchase from a trustworthy source. Check out online reviews and do some background research to make sure the place you’re buying from is legitimate. Black Tie CBD Specialists hand-pick the newest and most sought after hemp products to give our customers a safe, reliable, and exceptional experience every time. For any questions about our methods, our products, and more, we encourage you to contact us today.