Black Tie CBD’s Blueberry Pie CBD Flower Wins Smoking Legal’s 2020 Flower of the Year Award

September 5, 2022

Black Tie CBD’s Blueberry Pie CBD Flower Wins Smoking Legal’s 2020 Flower of the Year Award

Black Tie CBD s Blueberry Pie CBD Flower Wins Smoking Legal s 2020 Flower of the Year Award

Congratulations to Black Tie CBD! Our Blueberry Pie CBD Flower was the Smoking Legal 2020 Winner for their Flower of the Year Award. In this video, Taz from Smoking Legal visits the Black Tie CBD dispensary in Birmingham, Alabama to present us with the 2020 Smoking Legal Flower of the Year Award for our acclaimed Blueberry Pie CBD Flower. Watch the full YouTube video here or read our recap below.

Taz is the man behind the YouTube Channel Smoking Legal, which provides 100% honest reviews of cannabis products. His videos are all available free online with the promise that every review will be an honest, unbiased perspective of his experience with the product.

Video Recap: Presenting Black Tie CBD with the Award for Smoking Legal’s 2020 Flower of the Year for Blueberry Pie CBD Flower

The beautifully produced video starts with a brief introduction from Taz. He shows the outside of the Black Tie Dispensary in Birmingham, Alabama and brings the camera crew with him as he walks inside. The dispensary has it all: flower, buds, jars, dabs, blunts, rolling papers, accessories, and so much more.

After ogling at various displays, Taz eventually Taz his way over to a massive jar of the Blueberry Pie CBD Hemp Flower. He opens the jar and is instantly overcome by the aroma. Of the scent, he says, “As soon as you smell it, you’re hit with the blueberry aroma, which is fresh and sweet…and then there’s this true cannabis dank stank [sic].” He offers the jar up to the camera so viewers can get a closer look at the beauty of the flower and makes a joke about how great it would be if there was such a thing as a scratch-and-sniff TV so viewers could experience the smell for themselves.

Taz then announces that it’s because of the exceptional smell and experience he had with the Blueberry Pie CBD Flower that he is awarding Black Tie with the Smoking Legal #1 Strain of 2020. He tried over 50 strains in 2020 and found that Blueberry Pie was “hands down my favorite. I had to look back and realize that this was just my go-to throughout the year.”  

No matter which other strains he tried or tasted, he found himself continuously going back to the Black Tie Blueberry Pie CBD Flower. Not only does he appreciate it as a veteran user, but he also feels that it is a great option for people trying CBD for the first time.  

The next step: smoking! Taz shows off the Black Tie Premium Rolling Papers and the Black Tie Lighter, which he happily puts inside his bag along with his CBD flower. Now it’s time for the fun. As he smokes the Blueberry Pie CBD Hemp Flower, Taz remarks, “The Blueberry Pie from Black Tie is absolutely premium. I can see why these guys dedicate fifty plus acres specifically to this one strain each harvest. This is why I had to give them the Smoking Legal #1 Flower of 2020.” 

In closing the video, Taz says, “From the smell, the taste, the look, the feel of it…everything about it is top of the line.” 

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