The Smoke Doctor’s Review of BubbleGum Special Reserve (Indoor): Black Tie CBD Exclusive

September 5, 2022

The Smoke Doctor’s Review of BubbleGum Special Reserve (Indoor): Black Tie CBD Exclusive
The Smoke Doctor s Review of BubbleGum Special Reserve Indoor Black Tie CBD Exclusive

Fresh from his YouTube set, The Smoke Doctor is here to review a Black Tie CBD exclusive product: BubbleGum Special Reserve (Indoor) CBD Hemp Flower. Those not in the know would be doing themselves a favor by getting acquainted with The Smoke Doctor. The content creator is a longtime acclaimed reviewer of cannabis products from various CBD companies. It’s been several years since he had the chance to connect with Black Tie CBD, but now that the connection is back, it’s stronger than ever. Keep reading for an insider’s recap on The Smoke Doctor’s review of Black Tie CBD’s BubbleGum Special Reserve Indoor CBD Hemp Flower.

Video Recap: Review of Bubble Gum Special Reserve (Indoor) from Black Tie CBD

The Smoke Doctor’s review begins as all his videos do, with a cheerful and welcoming opening to his fans and viewers. He mentions that this video will be a bit of a throwback and briefly reminisces on his days of producing his original videos under the moniker Hemp in the Basement back in 2019. This is when The Smoke Doctor and Black Tie CBD first connected, but it wouldn’t be the last time the duo worked together.

After this stint of nostalgia, The Smoke Doctor proudly displays the glass jar of High-Resin Bubble Gum Special Reserve (Indoor) CBD Hemp Flower, gifted to him by none other than Black Tie CBD. He mentions that he was also given the Tahoe OG Indoor CBD Hemp Flower, but says that he’ll be saving that review for another video. 

The Smoke Doctor makes it clear that this video is for CBD lovers. A self-proclaimed THC-fan, he makes sure to reiterate that smoking CBD can help extend the lifetime of THC products, which is why it’s beneficial to use two in conjunction with one another. 

He begins with the presentation of the jar and brings attention to the QR code that can be scanned to acquire all necessary documents for law enforcement as well as for a breakdown of the contents inside the CBD products. The Smoke Doctor then goes into a detailed overview of the labs for the BubbleGum Special Reserve, explaining its concentration of Total CBD, Delta9 THC and even the moisture level, which he notes is an impressive 9.60%. 

Before going further in-depth about the BubbleGum Special Reserve (Indoor) CBD Hemp flower, The Smoke Doctor takes a moment to mention the other accessories that arrived in his box. These include a Black Tie CBD Rubber (PVC) Patch and the Black Tie Premium Rolling Papers, with crutches included! Many manufacturers separate raw tips and paper, but Black Tie CBD goes the extra step to combine them. The Smoke Doctor applauds this, as well as the magnetic closure on the box which simplifies the entire rolling process. He then shows off his own blunt and says, “My spliff is rolled!”

Back to the product at hand, The Smoke Doctor brings his attention to the BubbleGum Special Reserve (Indoor). He shows viewers what the buds look like, commenting that they are “not small buds” as he holds one up to the camera and spins it around. Of the aroma, he says it smells exotic, like an island. He then lights the spliff and takes a few pulls to test it for himself. His initial reaction: “This is some good stuff right here.” The flavor is sweet and smooth, making it the perfect flower to complement THC. After re-lighting the spliff and taking 6-7 pulls in total, The Smoke Doctor reiterates how great it tastes. He says that he feels “nice and relaxed” but still functional. To close the video, The Smoke Doctor addresses the camera and asks, “Do I like it? Absolutely!”

Products Reviewed

Bubblegum Special Reserve (Indoor) CBD Hemp Flower

Content Breakdown:

Total CBD – 15.61%

THC (Delta 9) - 0.41%

Highlights: This Indoor CBD Hemp Flower has a sugary-sweet smell and taste that is balanced out by slightly earthy undertones. It is a sativa-dominant hybrid CBD hemp flower with a minimal amount of THC sprinkled in. Great as a sleep aid to provide a sense of calm before bed.

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