CBD Shake vs Trim: The Differences


CBD Shake vs Trim: The Differences

CBD shake and trim are known as the "leftover flower" of the hemp plant. Shake and trim have many similarities that often confuse consumers, but some distinct factors differentiate the two. Let's break down CBD shake and trim and the differences below.

What Is CBD Shake?

CBD shake consists of the small pieces of leaves and hemp flower that break off larger buds. This typically occurs due to the regular handling of these buds. If you have ever noticed a collection of leaves and small pieces at the bottom of your bag or jar of hemp flower, that's shake. As the plant becomes drier, it becomes more brittle, resulting in all different parts of the bud falling off.

What Is CBD Trim?

When harvesting a hemp plant, there are leftover pieces of the flower that get cut off the plant. These pieces are what make up CBD trim. Trim consists of any part of the flower you remove during harvesting and the manicure process. Once collected, trim must stay in a climate-controlled environment to maintain its therapeutic effects.

CBD Shake vs Trim: The Differences - How to Trim Cannabis

Trim and shake are very similar CBD products. One of the main differences between the two is potency. Shake consists of all types of the plant that break off the main bud, including crushed flowers, broken calyxes, and sugar leaves. On the other hand, trim can be less potent than a shake, and often includes some stems and fan leaf material. The trim should contain plant parts with some trichomes; however, the trichome concentration in trim is much lower than in calyxes.

Another way to differentiate the shake and trim is how they are made. CBD shake is a result of user handling. Trim is a byproduct of growers manicuring the plant. You should note that both CBD trim and shake are available through CBD retailers, not just by growing or purchasing CBD flowers.

While trim and shake have many similarities, including uses and benefits, these differences set the two apart.


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