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What are the Differences between CBD Trim and Shake?

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CBD Shake vs Trim: The Differences


CBD “trim” or “shake” both refer to the small pieces of the hemp flower that fall off the main bud. This is inevitable, as hemp flowers are trimmed, handled, and transported. While these little bits may seem like useless leftovers, they are not! In fact, there is a lot you can do with CBD trim and shake. We’ll show you what we mean as you read on. 

What is a Cannabis Plant and How can I Use it?

Cannabis plants, also known as Marijuana or Ganja, have been used for centuries.

In recent years it has re-emerged from the dark and is becoming more widely recognised both for its recreational use and medicinal purposes. This article will give some background information on some of the uses and effects of Cannabis and what you need to know in order to start experimenting for yourself.

Cannabis is a psychoactive drug that can produce a wide variety of short-term hallucinogenic, cognitive, and perceptual effects when taken, particularly when consumed or smoked. The most common immediate psychological effects from inhaling cannabis are an increased state of relaxation, sociability and the feeling of being 'high'. There are also possible side effects including a decrease in short-term memory, dry mouth, impaired motor skills and reddening of the eyes.

In order to use cannabis you must have knowledge of what it consists of and how much THC is contained within each strain. In terms of growing your own crop you will need to seek advice from your local authority for tips and advice on how to grow correctly. You can then purchase seeds or clones that you can grow in your own home with the correct equipment and lighting.

When are the Buds Ready to Harvest?

The buds are ready to harvest when the pistils start turning a darker shade of orange or brown. You can start harvesting when 50-75% of these pistils have darkened in color, but there are other factors you will need to take into consideration too.

  • How to trim cannabis

It's important to keep your growing space as neat and organized as possible, especially if you're growing in a tent. Some growers like to leave the fan leaves on the plant after harvesting, but this will depend on how you plan to dry and cure them. Fan leaves don't have as much THC as the buds themselves, but they are still quite potent. As the buds dry, they will get brittle and the closely packed buds fall apart. The shake method includes all of the components that comprise your buds.

  • How to shake cannabis

This is a quick way of separating the glands from the rest of the plant matter. THC sticks to small leaves and stalks; using the shake method ensures you don't discard any potentially potent parts of your plant. It's important not to touch or move around the buds too much in this stage, as this can cause THC to fall off.

What's the Difference between Trim and Shake?

If you are growing your own plant or know someone who is, you might have heard of the terms "shake" and "trim". These words are sometimes used interchangeably, but their meanings are different. 99% of the time, shake and trim refer to the excess leaves and buds that fall off the plants during cultivation.

Shake is mostly small pieces of leaves and stems, while Trim is more likely to be composed of larger pieces of whole leaves and un-manicured buds. So basically "Trim" consists mainly of bud material while "Shake" consists mainly of leaf material.

●       What is CBD Shake?

CBD shake consists of the small pieces of leaves and flowers that break off larger buds. This typically occurs due to the regular handling of these buds. If you have ever noticed a collection of leaves and small pieces at the bottom of your bag or jar of flower, that is shake. As the plant becomes drier, it becomes more brittle, resulting in all different parts of the bud falling off.

●       What Is CBD Trim?

When harvesting a plant, there are leftover pieces of the flower that get cut off the plant. These pieces are what make up CBD trim. Trim consists of any part of the flower you remove during harvesting and the manicuring process. Once collected, trim must stay in a climate-controlled environment to maintain its therapeutic effects.

CBD Shake vs Trim: The Differences - How to Trim

Trim and shake are very similar CBD products. One of the main differences between the two is potency. Shake consists of all types of the plant that break off the main bud, including crushed flowers, broken calyxes, and sugar leaves. On the other hand, trim can be less potent than a shake, and often includes some stems and fan leaf material. Trim should comprise plant components with some trichomes; nevertheless, the trichome concentration in trim remains significantly lower than in calyxes.

Another way to differentiate the shake and trim is how they are made. CBD shake is a result of user handling. Trim is a byproduct of growers manicuring the plant. Lucky for you, both CBD trim and shake are available through online CBD retailers like Black Tie CBD. That means you can get CBD trim and shake online, which is much easier than growing your own CBD flowers.

While trim and shake have many similarities, including uses and benefits, their differences set the two apart.

What to Do with CBD Trim and Shake

●       Edible CBD

CBD trim and shake are great for infusing your recipes with the benefits of CBD. Unless you buy CBD flower shake already prepared, you just need to grind up the shake, remove any stems, and then infuse it into any oil or cannabutter. This oil or cannabutter is then ready to be made into pastries like brownies, muffins, and tons of other food and/or drink items.

●       Smokable CBD

It probably comes as no surprise that CBD trim can be smoked. CBD trim is not designed to deliver the same “high” effects as marijuana, but it would still be wise to avoid smoking CBD trim on its own. Instead, use it to fill in the gaps of the smokable dry herbs. Alternatively, if you vape, you can grind the trim into a fine powder and add it to your vaporizer to great effect.

●       Topical CBD

Maybe you don’t really want to go through the hassle of cooking or smoking CBD shake. Instead, what you can do with CBD trim and shake is make them into CBD-infused topicals, balms, and salves, such as beeswax with CBD oil made from grinding up the shake. These topicals allow you to apply the CBD directly to parts of your body for a more focused effect and are great for pain relief.

FAQs about CBD Trim and Shake

  • Which is better: CBD shake vs trim?

This depends on your goals. CBD Trim is intended to give you intense effects in an expensive manner. CBD Shake, on the other hand, is more about the taste, smell, and overall experience of the parent strain.

  • What to do with CBD shake vs trim?

In plant cultivation, trim is a byproduct. You can use it to make edibles or other types of herb-infused products. In storing herb nuggets, CBD shake is an inevitable byproduct. Take advantage of its full potential by making pre-rolls, blunts, tinctures, and more! Whether you choose CBD shake vs trim, just make sure to enjoy it responsibly.

  • Where can I buy CBD shake or CBD trim?

You can buy it in local shops, or directly online at Black Tie CBD. As one of the most reputable online CBD retailers, we have the CBD trim and shake you need for a safe and enjoyable experience.