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Hemp Oil For Weight Loss: Does It Work?

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Living in the modern world, we are inundated with weight loss tips, tricks, and oftentimes gimmicks. It can be hard to know what is legitimate and what is pure myth. For a perspective you may not have considered, how about hemp oil for weight loss? Most people associate cannabis and CBD with weight gain, not weight loss, but there is a lack of truth to that as well. Black Tie CBD is here to explore the connection between hemp oil and weight loss to help determine whether there is any validity to the claim. 


An Overview of the Endocannabinoid System

Many believe there to be a connection between metabolic conditions and clinical endocannabinoid deficiency, but before we explore that, it is important to understand what the endocannabinoid system does. The endocannabinoid system’s (ECS) role is to balance out several bodily functions including memory, mood, inflammation, body temperature, appetite, pain, sleep cycles, and more. A compromised ECS could throw off everything, including one’s hunger and satiety levels. While established researchers and scientists are not claiming CBD or hemp oil to be a magic bullet towards weight loss, many suggest that hemp oil could be used to restore balance to the ECS, which in turn could support healthy weight loss if that is necessary. 

So the question remains: how can hemp oil help with weight loss?

Hemp Oil and Appetite Regulation 

Some people find that taking CBD or hemp oil helps them regulate their appetite. We are well aware of the dreaded munchies that people tend to associate with CBD, but increased hunger is actually a result of THC, not CBD. THC activates the CB1 cannabinoid receptor in the brain to stimulate appetite. CBD, on the other hand, may act as a CB1 receptor blocker, which could have the opposite effect, according to research from 2018.

Hemp Oil Could Promote Brown Fat Conversion 

People in the weight loss world know that while white fat is considered bad fat, brown fat may actually be useful. This is because brown fat can be used to help the body burn more calories. 

Research from 2016 on fat conversion showed that CBD may be beneficial for turning white fat cells into brown fat cells, which may improve efficiency in the breakdown of lipids. 

Hemp Oil May Reduce the Risk of Developing Certain Metabolic Disorders  

CBD’s ability to indirectly block CB1 receptors could reduce the risk of people developing obesity, which is thought to trigger metabolic disorders such as hypertension, high cholesterol, and type 2 diabetes. 

Hemp Oil for Weight Loss May Support How the Body Uses Glucose

This is another feather in the cap of hemp oil for weight loss as it relates to metabolic processes. A properly working metabolism works like this: people eat food, blood sugar levels rise, pancreas releases insulin to transport glucose to body cells, and cells use glucose for energy. Excess glucose compromises the metabolic system and inhibits the body’s ability to release insulin as intended. A pancreas that stores excess glucose as a result of too much insulin could result in the liver converting sugar to fat instead of energy. This reignites hunger and starts the cycle all over again. 

Research from 2018 on cannabinoids like CBD, CBN, and THC showed that they could help cells absorb glucose in a way that mimics metformin, a prescription medication commonly suggested for people with diabetes. 

Hemp Oil May Help Reduce Inflammation 

Chronic inflammation is often associated with metabolic disorders. By improving the communication between cells in the immune system, hemp oil may indirectly contribute to weight loss through reduced inflammation. Research from 2016 supports this; it found a link between inflammation and an overstimulated internal endocannabinoid system. Supplementing with CBD oil could help restore balance. 

While hemp oil for weight loss still needs further research, the information available suggests that it could be a useful tool in addition to a healthy diet and exercise. Find the hemp oil that works for you when you shop with us at Black Tie CBD today! Have any questions? Contact us to learn more.