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Smoking Legal’s Review of Blueberry Afgoo Dab Wax: Black Tie CBD Exclusive

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Smoking Legal s Review of Blueberry Afgoo Dab Wax Black Tie CBD Exclusive

For a 100% honest review of cannabis products, look no further than YouTube personality Smoking Legal. The happy-go-lucky man behind the magic, Taz has a playful energy that viewers can’t help but enjoy. Taz vows to always give his completely honest opinion, good or bad, which is why Black Tie CBD sent him some of our products. We wanted his unfiltered take on our Blueberry Afgoo Dab Wax and Taz did not disappoint. Watch the whole YouTube Video here or read our recap below to get an overview of his thoughts.

Video Recap: Blueberry Afgoo Dab Wax from Black Tie CBD

The first thing you’ll notice about this video is how happy Taz is to be reviewing the products. He opens by saying, “It’s dab day today!” and follows that up by doing the popular “dab” dance move. Taz then tells viewers that he’ll be reviewing the CBD Dab Wax Blueberry AfGoo Strain Derived product, and gives viewers a closeup of the QR code on the box. In doing so, he also gives a shout out to Black Tie CBD’s premium packaging. Then he moves onto the product itself. 

Taz displays the little ball of dab wax and lets viewers know about its contents, saying it has 82.76% CBD and less than 0.3% THC, which is what makes it legal to sell. He mentions that Black Tie CBD is a stickler for sending customers COAs and notices to law enforcement, which he greatly appreciates as an avid consumer. He then gets out his concentrate rig from his kit and blows into it a few times to make sure it is ready. By using a small spatula, Taz retrieves a piece of the dab wax out of the jar. Then he gets out his carb cab, a cute yellow duck, and is ready to begin.

The process of Taz using the Blueberry Afgoo Dab Wa involves him breaking it up and using a code start rig. Once everything is ready, he gives it a test. It is immediately clear just how big a dab Taz took because of the way he starts coughing. After a brief pause, Taz looks at the camera and declares, “Tastes amazing!” 

He comments that he is instantly sweating and reiterates, “I like it!” He emphasizes the intensity of the blueberry flavor, saying that it comes in very strong. After putting on his fan, Taz starts to settle into the effects of the Blueberry AfGoo Dab Wax to the point where he can more calmly review the product. He says it is so smooth, which he acknowledges viewers may be confused about given his coughing fit. For that, he said it was so smooth that he kept wanting to hit it, which perhaps encouraged him to go a little too fast too soon. 

Taz mentions that he likes how quickly the dab took effect. He appreciates concentrates for this feature and says that he is totally relieved of anxiety. After sitting for a moment or two, he announces that he’s in a great mood. He feels energetic and happy. With the fan on, Taz decides to give it another go, this time smaller. He doesn’t cough at all, but rather sits back with a pleased and satisfied look on his face. The verdict? 2 emphatic thumbs up. 

Dab Wax Product Reviewed

CBD Dab Wax, Blueberry AfGoo Flavor

Content breakdown:

Total CBD:  84.52%

Total Cannabinoids: 84.52%

Highlights: The Blueberry AfGoo Dab Wax provides a light smoke that smooths the palate with it 80+% CBD concentration. The blueberry flavor comes through instantly to give off a fruity taste and aroma. Great for micro-dosing CBD in a quick and effective manner. Can be used atop flowers, in wax pens, dab rigs, and with other accessories.

To purchase Blueberry AfGoo Dab Wax or CBD Dab Wax in other flavors, visit today!