• OG + Gas Classification

    OG + Gas Classification
    By now, you should be aware of the new PhytoFacts® cannabis classification system that has been introduced for a more accurate measure of quality. If you aren’t aware of it, then go ahead and read our previous blog. This article aims to cover the OGs + Gas class and provide customers with a clear and concise roadmap.  What is the “OGs + Gas” terpene...
  • What is HHC and why should you be careful?

    What is HHC and why should you be careful?
    What is HHC? The cannabis plant is home to over 200 cannabinoids and terpenes that have potential health benefits. Following the wild success of delta 8 THC as a legal alternative to the more controlled availability of delta 9 THC, the cannabis industry has sought other less-known cannabinoids to compete in the diverse cannabis marketplace. One of the newest, semi-synthetic cannabinoids called hexahydrocannabinol, usually...
  • Can Cannabis Treat Covid-19?

    Can Cannabis Treat Covid-19?
    With Covid-19 impacting us for the last two years, the world is rapidly searching for ways that we can effectively manage the virus, despite the variants that constantly pop up. Finally, it seems that research is progressing and it’s the cannabis industry at the forefront of the latest research advancements by researchers affiliated with Oregon State University. These researchers conducted a study that suggests...
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