• Dominant Terpenes In Cannabis

    Dominant Terpenes In Cannabis
    As you may have learned from our last blog, terpenes are the most overlooked yet arguably the most important aspect of cannabis. They’re a little bit like cannabinoids—THC, CBD, and others—in that they have specific and medically useful interactions with our bodies. If you aren’t familiar with terpenes; unlike cannabinoids, terpenes are found in many plants; they’re the chemicals that give a plant its...
  • Outdated Cannabis Classification System

    Outdated Cannabis Classification System
    The days of an outdated and frankly inaccurate cannabis classification system are finally over. The market has blurred the lines between quality and craft cannabis for far too long - leaving customers and cultivators with no real roadmap to identify the range and spectrum of the medicinal possibilities contained within cannabis and the unique entourage effects possible from the diversity that it offers. Experts...
  • A Guide To Curing And Drying

    A Guide To Curing And Drying
    As many of you know, curing and drying are processes that can significantly impact the taste and general quality of your cannabis crop. Properly drying and curing your fresh cannabis stash is paramount to prevent harsh smoke and prevent mold contamination from taking place. Harvesting your cannabis is only half the work. Post harvest operations are arguably just as important as pre-harvest. Many believe...
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