• A Guide To Curing And Drying

    A Guide To Curing And Drying
    As many of you know, curing and drying are processes that can significantly impact the taste and general quality of your cannabis crop. Properly drying and curing your fresh cannabis stash is paramount to prevent harsh smoke and prevent mold contamination from taking place. Harvesting your cannabis is only half the work. Post harvest operations are arguably just as important as pre-harvest. Many believe...
  • Turning Trim Into Edibles

    Turning Trim Into Edibles
    Cannabis trim is a common term used to describe the excess parts a cultivator must trim, or remove from their plants post-harvest in order to fully maximize a plant’s bloom and, in turn, get more desirable crystals.  Cannabis trim refers to two different types of leaves: Sugar leaves are the small leaves that grow out of the buds: Heavily concentrated trichomes, so they’re better...
  • Want to learn how to make CBD Cannabutter with our trim?

    Want to learn how to make CBD Cannabutter with our trim?
    We have a lot of #PremiumCBD #BlackTieCBD #Trim up on the site and ready for you to cook with, so here’s the method to making #CBD #Cannabutter.  You can also infuse your food and drinks with our #CBDisolate as well - but you know you want to make some brownies right?
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