• Outdated Cannabis Classification System

    Outdated Cannabis Classification System
    The days of an outdated and frankly inaccurate cannabis classification system are finally over. The market has blurred the lines between quality and craft cannabis for far too long - leaving customers and cultivators with no real roadmap to identify the range and spectrum of the medicinal possibilities contained within cannabis and the unique entourage effects possible from the diversity that it offers. Experts...
  • What Is Hemp Derived Delta 9, and is it legal?

    What Is Hemp Derived Delta 9, and is it legal?
    The hemp-derived cannabinoid market continues to grow and evolve despite lingering questions over federal legality and numerous state laws that try to keep pace. You may have seen or even tried products with a few milligrams of Delta-9 Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) that were marketed as 2018 Farm Bill-compliant, and if you know anything about the restrictions of the industry; then you’ll know that there are...
  • 2022 Hemp Flower Strain Highlights

    2022 Hemp Flower Strain Highlights
    Black Tie hemp isn’t just beloved by our customers. Despite being a relatively new establishment, Black Tie has already won numerous awards for our CBD and hemp products. That’s why we wanted to show you highlights of our newest and best strains. Here are our latest strains for 2022;   1. GRANDADDY PURPLE (INDOOR) CBD HEMP FLOWER   Grandaddy purple is a CBD-rich hemp...
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