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The Different Types of CBD Products

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The Different Types of CBD Products

If you've been shopping around for CBD products, you've likely seen the wide variety available from CBD retailers. There are plenty of forms for CBD on the market, from the type of CBD (isolate, full spectrum, or broad spectrum) to various CBD products. If you're unsure of what kind of CBD product is right for you, use this guide to familiarize yourself with the many different types of CBD products.  

Oils and Tinctures  

Often referred to as CBD oil, a tincture is an oil-carried form of CBD consumed by placing drops under the tongue. Tinctures are some of the most common uses of CBD on the market today. This liquid product usually comes in a small bottle with a dropper, and the liquid inside includes several components such as:  

CBD Extract or CBD Isolate Base  

This base gives the product its medicinal properties by providing the phytocannabinoid and terpene profile of the tincture.  

A Carrier Oil  

The carrier within a tincture mixes with the CBD extract or isolate to balance potency and help deliver the CBD and other molecules to the user. These oils often include hemp oil or MCT oil. They help the CBD absorb into the stomach walls and membranes within the mouth.   

Optional Additives (Sweeteners, Flavors, Etc.)  

Beyond the extract and carrier oil, you may find a wide range of additional additives in tinctures. You may find different additives in tinctures for several reasons. Some of the most common include sweeteners or flavoring for those who don’t enjoy the flavor of an extract.   

Topical Applications  

CBD binds to endocannabinoid receptors in our brain, nervous system, and skin. Lotions, salves, creams, and balms have become a popular type of CBD product due to their skin benefits. Skin-based receptors mean that applying topicals directly to a sore or irritated area can provide localized relief for muscle soreness, inflammation, chronic pain, skin conditions, and anti-aging.  

Capsules and Pills  

CBD capsules are a pill-form of CBD extract that’s swallowed like any other pill supplement. These capsules come in either soft gels or a two-piece capsule. Like tinctures, there are several components to CBD capsules, including:  

CBD Extract or CBD Isolate  

The CBD extract or CBD isolate is the key component to a CDB pill. High-quality capsules should include extract from a high-quality hemp source. A full or broad-spectrum base will give you the maximum potential benefit because they utilize the entourage effect. Isolate-based capsules will be less effective as they only contain the single CBD cannabinoid.  

Oil Carrier (Hemp, Coconut, or MCT Oil)  

CBD capsules also rely on an oil carrier that works to increase the body's ability to absorb the cannabinoids within the pills. CBD and other cannabinoids are fat-soluble. This means they break down and bind to fats such as the ones in coconut, hemp, or MCT oil. Once stored in fat, CBD and other cannabinoids can absorb more quickly and effectively in the body.  

Optional Additional Ingredients  

You may find other ingredients in some capsules, including other herbs or supplement additives. These additives simply provide other benefits without influencing the quality of the CBD component.  


Edible CBD products come in a wide variety. These products add an extract or isolate into a food product to consume the CBD orally. These products commonly come in candies or baked goods such as gummy candies, suckers, cookies, and chocolate products. Edibles are widely popular due to their ease of use and because they mask the taste of the CBD extract or isolate.  


Vaping CBD is like any other type of vaping—a CBD extract or isolate is vaporized via a traditional vape pen or mod and then inhaled. Of all the methods of taking CBD, vaping has the quickest onset due to the high bioavailability of inhaling the molecule. There are a variety of CBD vape products available on the market, such as disposable vape pens, pre-filled vape cartridges, and vape oil. Vape products typically contain three main components: 

CBD Isolate or CBD Extract  

The CBD found in vape products is either in the form of isolate or extract oil.  

Thinning Agents  

The most common thinning agents for vape products include vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol mixes. MCT oil is also becoming a popular option for thinning.  

Additional Flavoring  

To improve the flavor of vape juices, some products include natural or artificial flavors.  


CBD concentrates are high-potency hemp plant extracts. CBD concentrates come in various types and have varying uses. Concentrates are intended as additions to flowers and smoked or dabbed with a traditional dab rig or wax pen vaporizer. A small amount of the concentrate is heated and inhaled to quickly provide the benefits to the user within minutes, just like vaping products.  

Other Types of CBD Products  

While these are the most common types of CBD products on the market today, many others are also available. A few of the other CBD products available include:  

  • Infused water and other beverages  
  • Beauty products such as masks, lip balms, shampoo, and conditioner 
  • Transdermal patches  

Which Product Is Right For You?  

Choosing the right CBD product depends on your personal preference and what you’re hoping to get out of it. For example, if you're looking to alleviate muscle pain, a topical cream is a better choice than a CBD capsule. If you prefer to avoid inhalation and smoking, concentrates and vapes might not be right for you but edibles and tinctures are a good choice. Lastly, if you prefer a tasteless option or a tastier option, edible capsules avoid or mask the taste associated with CBD extract and isolate.   

Finding the right CBD product for you will take some trial and error before you discover the perfect match. You'll also need to consider your specific goals and preferences. No matter what you're hoping to get out of it, there are several different types of CBD products available to suit your needs.

The Different Types of CBD Products