The Golden Ticket Raffle Drawing!


It was a great night to pick a handlful of winners and get to spend some time with our supporters and the one and only Taz.  Thank you to our gracious hosts who let us turn their backyard into our studio for the evening! (we hope the coi fish have had some time to recover.)

With any first broadcast we ran into some issues about 2 hours into the show with a brand new GoPro Hero7 almost catching on fire and wouldn't turn back on.  (We do not endorse GoPro after that debockle, and it was promptly returned to where it came from.  I'm going to list all of the videos from the night below since we had to restart to get the video back.  Official post coming tomorrow with all of the winners but until then; enjoy the show!  Remember to subscribe to our youtube channel because you never know when we might feel like going live and giving away some more prizes or tell you about a new product.


Thank you for everyone who participated in the Golden Ticket Raffle!

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