Delta8 Infused BLACK TIE KUSH Hemp Flower
Black Tie Kush – Black Tie Kush is the smoothest hemp Kush on the market. The medium light green buds are super dense and very sticky leaving your fingers coated in resinous glands after breaking them down for a joint. The...
from $10.99
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Delta8 Infused CHEESE (INDOOR) Hemp Flower
Delta8 Infused Cheese (INDOOR) – This sativa-dominant, indoor grown hemp flower has characteristics that are surprisingly similar to the UK Cheese cannabis strain. The light green buds are glistening in trichomes, littered with bright orange hairs, and emitting a smell that...
from $12.99
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SOUR LIFTER (GH) Hemp Flower
SOUR LIFTER (GH) – This greenhouse grown strain produced medium to large pieces that have a beautiful contrasting color scheme including vibrant purple and lime green buds that are covered in bright orange hairs and glistening trichome heads. The smell is...
from $9.50
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SOUR LIFTER (INDOOR) – This strain is an indoor production of Oregon CBD’s new and highly improved GG#4 conversion paired with a Lifter mother (SH50 x GG#4 CBD Conversion). The Sour Lifter has a pungent aroma that is sweet at first followed...
from $10.00
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Strawberry Kush Hemp Flower
Strawberry Kush – created by crossing Strawberry Kush cannabis, a hybrid strain derived from crossbreeding Strawberry Cough and OG, with an undisclosed hemp strain. The medium green buds contain dark orange hairs that are glistening in trichomes. The hand trimmed buds...
from $8.00
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Black Tie Kush – Black Tie Kush is the smoothest hemp Kush on the market. The medium light green buds are super dense and very sticky leaving your fingers coated in resinous glands after breaking them down for a joint. The...
from $8.00
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Mothership X – A cross between our exclusive Mothership and Amnesia Haze strains, the Mothership X has a potent sativa-dominant strain with an intense lemon-cannabis scent very reminiscent of the classic TrainWreck strain. The smell is loud and gets even more...
from $8.00
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CHERRY PIE Hemp Flower
CHERRY PIE - Cherry AK crossed with an undisclosed hemp strain, these light green buds are perfectly manicured, dense, and sticky. Looking remarkably similar to its cannabis cousin, this strain has a scent that will make you wonder whether it’s...
from $8.00
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MOTHERSHIP - Some say is not of this world. Beautiful, glowing orange and red hairs tangling through the pine green buds giving them a very appealing visual appearance. These medium sized buds have a marvelous, dank smell that is floral &...
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Cantaloupe Haze CBD Hemp Flower
CANTALOUPE HAZE - Medium to large sized buds are a neutral tan with green streaks, littered with white trichomes and dark orange hairs. The buds emit a mild pine scent with undertones of sweet cantaloupe and a hint of spice. The...
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Delta8 Infused Lemon Tree Hemp Flower
LEMON TREE - This Sativa-Dominant Hybrid is the ideal Daytime strain. The medium to large sized pieces are of medium density filling up the container completely. The bright green leaves are accented by yellow and orange hairs (terpenes). The flowers...
from $10.99
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Hemp Flower (Trim/Shake)

When looking for the right flower options, you’ll come across various types. With this, it’s crucial to understand the differences between these flower types, what they mean, and why people purchase them. Here, we’re focusing specifically on hemp flower, CBD shake, and what these terms mean. This way, when you go to buy some for yourself, you’ll know exactly what to look for — and where to find the best shake options on the market. Let’s get started.

What is Hemp Flower?

When we talk about hemp flower, we’re referring to the buds from the hemp plant. In the United States, the hemp plant is 100% legal under federal law as long as it doesn’t contain more than 0.3% THC. If it does, the government considers the plant marijuana, and it then becomes illegal. So, as long as the hemp plants a farmer grows follow the guidelines in the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp flower is legal to cultivate, process, and sell.

You enjoy hemp flower just as you would regular dried cannabis flower — however you want! While some people like grinding up some bud and making a bowl out of it, others enjoy rolling up some hemp flower into a joint and smoking it from there. The choice is entirely yours.

With hemp flower, you have to keep in mind that it doesn’t have the THC levels that marijuana does. Thus, hemp flower will not get you high. Instead, this type of flower is best utilized for its therapeutic benefits, providing all-natural support and relaxation. With undetectable THC levels in hemp flower, the cannabinoid isn’t strong enough to offer any sort of intoxication. Because of this, people love smoking on hemp flower to enjoy the supportive effects of cannabis but without any psychoactivity.

Hemp flower comes in thousands of different strains depending on what you want most. Just like marijuana, you’ll find sativa, indica, and hybrid strains, each promoting unique smells and tastes. Genuinely, the most significant difference between hemp and marijuana flower is the THC levels! So, as long as you’re not looking to get intoxicated, this type of flower is going to be ideal — especially when you purchase from Black Tie CBD.

What is CBD Flower?

CBD Flower is the female part of the cannabis plant. CBD flowers are harvested before they are ripe, when CBD levels are highest in the plant. CBD Flower is then carefully extracted to preserve the CBD cannabinoids and terpenes found naturally in the flower. CBD flowers have a CBD content of 10-25% CBD, and CBD Flower can be found with THC as well. CBD flowers contain some of the lowest prices on CBD due to the lack of CBD-rich leaves and stalks. CBD flowers can be used in CBD oil vaping, CBD tinctures, CBD e-liquids, CBD topicals and CBD capsules.

Cannabis CBD Flower can be used in vaporizers or smoke them through a pipe or bong. CBD flowers are harvested at the beginning of blooming stage. CBD flower has a CBD content up to 25% CBD, CBD hemp can have CBD content up to 1%. CBD flowers, CBD hemp and CBD marijuana is legal in some states and countries and CBD oil is legal in all 50 states.

What is CBD Shake?

So, what is CBD shake, then? “Shake” is the name for the loose leaves and leafy particles that fall from your nugs during handling. This happens naturally, as hemp leaves can be a bit fragile. Think about a bag of weed you purchase at the dispensary. Once you reach the bottom of the bag and all the nugs are gone, you’re left with some weedy crumbs and other small pieces of flower. That’s shake!

CBD shake, then, is shake that comes exclusively from hemp or CBD flower. This kind of shake doesn’t have THC in it (or minuscule amounts, at least); instead, it is full of high doses of therapeutic CBD.

To the naked eye, shake will look quite different than typical hemp flower or marijuana. Instead of the big buds you’re used to, CBD shake will look closer to a bunch of ground weed with some loose leaves. But, once you smoke it, you likely won’t pick up on much difference in terms of smell, taste, or experience as long as you’re purchasing from a reputable brand like Black Tie CBD. You can also read more about CBD Shake article in our blog.


Many people enjoy the unique therapeutic benefits that CBD brings, as they’re different to every person. This is because CBD works with the body individualistically, helping to provide support in the areas it needs most. Because you don’t have the same body chemistry as someone else, all experiences will be unique. However, many people report general feelings of support and comfort.

Why Use CBD Trim?

Customers choose to use CBD trim because of its ease. The bud is already ground up and ready to be packed, smoked, or used. However, this is incredibly appealing for those whose preferred methods of consumption are joints and edibles.

All you have to do with joints is take some empty rolling papers or cones and fill them with the CBD trim. That’s all it takes! Once you’ve rolled up the joint, you have a trim-filled pre-roll ready to smoke. The ground-up composition makes it easier than ever to quickly and effectively smoke your product, especially if you’re not too good with your hands.

CBD trim is also ideal for crafting edibles the traditional way. Edibles are treats infused with cannabis that provide a long-lasting, potent experience once digested. You can make CBD edibles into practically anything: brownies, gummies, cookies, even pasta dishes! However, to do this, you have to have enough flower. That’s where trim comes in!

You can utilize your CBD trim to add within butter or fatty parts of your recipes. When you do this, once you bake or “activate” the cannabinoids, you’ll experience strong therapeutic effects just from eating your infused treat. It’s great to use shake here because you’ll need a good amount of flower to get the effects you want. However, bud can be pricey! Thankfully, CBD shake and trim are some of the most affordable flower on the market, making it the perfect option for crafting large batches of edibles. (Or, maybe just one!)

Speaking of prices, that’s another substantial appealing factor of CBD trim. Compared to the costs of regular hemp flower, shake is going to be significantly more affordable. With this, you can buy large amounts for the same price that you would a quarter or even an eighth of regular ol’ cannabis. You can also read more about CBD Trim article in our blog.

Is CBD Shake Bad?

Because of the low price and somewhat non-traditional appearance of CBD trim, a lot of people automatically assume shake is bad or low quality. This isn’t the case at all! In many circumstances, the shake you purchase comes from some of the most top-shelf strains in the industry — it’s just the last bit of it! There’s nothing wrong with the trimmings; they’re simply just not full buds. However, the potency, taste, smell, and quality are all still there.

Simply put, CBD shake comes at much lower prices because of the lack of buds. Customers tend to be attracted to big, frosty buds when purchasing flower; however, this doesn’t always indicate quality. You can easily find top-shelf shake at meager prices; it’s just not as easy to tell just by looking at it. Instead, with high-quality trim, the moment you smoke it is the moment you know it’s good stuff. This does make it even more critical to exclusively purchase your shake or trim from reputable, quality brands.

Don’t let the low prices fool you: CBD shake is absolutely not bad! These products perform on par with typical hemp flower. If anything, it’s just easier for you to handle and utilize in all your favorite forms.

If you are worried your shake is bad — as in, it’s expired or moldy — you can always take a big whiff of your flower. Usually, you’ll notice an unappealing, musty smell. The flower will also feel different in hand, and you may be able to pick up on the sight of mold within some of the denser parts of your bud. But, if you purchase from reputable brands, this isn’t something you should even have to worry about!

Where to Find the Best CBD Trim and Shake

When looking for high-quality CBD trim, you need to know where to look. After all, it’s hard to tell just from pictures what is good and what’s not! Thankfully, that’s why Black Tie CBD is here.

Black Tie CBD specializes in crafting top-shelf, black-tie quality CBD products for all types of customers. We understand that navigating the world of hemp online can be a bit daunting, but Back Tie is here to change that. Our virtual CBD store is easy to navigate, and you can see firsthand just how quality our products are. No matter what you’re purchasing, you can find accompanying third-party lab-test results.

Third-party lab-test results illustrate the exact cannabinoid levels within your products. This way, you can see that what you’re purchasing lines up with what you need, as well as what the product advertises. Along with cannabinoid levels, you’ll find tests for unnatural additives like heavy metals and pesticides. Our results demonstrate that we never include any ingredients like those in our Black Tie products. 

Here at Black Tie CBD, we ensure quick, safe shipping that always comes in discreet packaging. This way, no one has any idea what you’re purchasing! Whether it’s CBD shake, CBG oil, or even delta-8 THC products, these packages are always 100% protected. In just a few days, you’ll have your favorite cannabinoids shipped right to your door, ready for you to enjoy them as soon as they arrive.

If you’re looking for the best CBD trim to buy online, look no further than Black Tie CBD’s extensive selection of products. Not only will you find incredibly potent and tasty shake, but you’ll come across some of the best hemp flower you’ve tried yet.

Purchasing Black Tie CBD Hemp Flower (Trim/Shake)

When you’re ready to purchase some hemp flower or CBD shake, you know exactly where to turn. Take your time and scroll through our wide selection of flower to find the exact strains you want. Then, once you’ve found your perfect products, Black Tie CBD will make sure to handle the rest. We always ship orders within two days of being received, so you’ll get them in under a week’s time. Plus, we ship to all 50 states, so there are no worries about not getting your product in your location.

The next time you’re thinking about rolling up some joints, making edibles, or you just want to save some cash on your bud, don’t discredit CBD trim or shake. This affordable, easy-to-use form of hemp flower makes for the perfect option. Check out all Black Tie CBD has to offer and get your new favorite strain of trim sent right to your door. 


What is CBD shake flowers?

In hemp production, there are small pieces of hemp flower known as CBD trim or shakes that are left behind after the main bud or nugget grows. This occurs as a result of handling, trimming, and transporting the buds. There is also a good chance that you will get some shake from your older buds.

How to trim cbd flowers?

Trim shake CBD flower by first removing the buds. Once that has been done, remove the large fan leaves. Lastly, trim/shake off the unformed sugar leaves from the buds with the shears. The straw and fan leaves will need to be discarded, but the sugar leaves should be kept.

How to use CBD shake hemp?

To make salves, balms, or lotions use CBD trim/shake hemp. Also CBD-infused edibles can be made with shakes. Trim/shake flower can make for a great vaping experience on its own. Powder your herbs in a grinder and add them to your vaporizer.

How much CBD shake in range?

CBD trim shake quality greatly influences the answer. An outer leaf covered with trichomes surrounds the cannabis flower. According to reports, these leaves contain 10 to 15% cannabinoids, while high-quality trim contains flower buds that aren't found anywhere else.

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