The CCell M3 is an ultra slim and compact 510 cartridge pen made of stainless steel to handle every day carrying in a pocket or bag. The M3 heats your cartridge only as you inhale with an LED indicator to...
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CBG / THC Delta-8 Vape Cartridges (925mg)
Black Tie's CBG / THC Delta-8 Vape Cartridges contain our premium THC Delta-8 in combination with CBG Isolate. Flavored with cannabis-derived Terpenes the CBG / THC Delta-8  cartridge provides a euphoric, up-lifting effect that is ideal for early morning / day-time...
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CBD / CBG / THC Δ-8 Vape Cartridge (830mg)
CBD / CBG / THC Δ-8 Vape Cartridge – Delivering the Entourage Effect, the "Ultimate Trifecta" Cartridges contain premium CO2 extracted CBD Distillate, CBG Hemp Extract, and Legal THC Delta-8 Distillate! The combination of cannabinoids such as THC, CBD, and CBG have...
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High Performance Vape Battery. The Palm vaporizer is automatically activated when you inhale for the quickest and easiest rips. Activated by Inhaling Compatible with Most Pre-Filled Bottom Airflow Tanks 2 Magnetic 510 Threading Pieces Up to 200 Draws Per Charge...
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CBD / CBG Vape Cartridge (731mg)
Black Tie's CBD/CBG Vape Cartridges contain our premium, Co2 extracted Liquid CBD and CBG distillates within. Flavored with food-grade, BlueBerry Kush Terpenes this cartridge is effective but tastes great too! Ideal for day-time use. Available Sizes: 1mL Available Flavors: BlueBerry Kush Total CBD: 36.15%...
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CBD / CBG / THC Delta-8 Liquid
Due to popular demand, we are now offering our famous cartridge formula in bulk containers for your enjoyment! The "Liquid" consists of CBD, CBG, and THC Delta-8 Distillate as well as 8% Terpenes. The same material that you've been enjoying...
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With our CBG Vape Cartridges, you will find a lot of benefits for you. Calm down for a little and try our new CBG Vape Cartridges in Black Tie CBD Shop!


Can you vape CBG?

Yes, you can vape CBG. Like with every other cannabinoid, vaping comes down to pretty much if you can find a specific vape liquid that’s rich in the specific cannabinoid that you’re looking for.

How does CBG Vape make you feel?

CBG feels almost the same as CBD when you smoke or vape it. While CBD-rich cannabis can hurt your throat slightly on the way down, however, CBG usually hits smoother, making it more like THC in that way.

Does CBG Vape get you high?

CBD and CBG are both non intoxicating cannabinoids, meaning they won't make you high.

Does CBG Vape make you sleepy?

Tiredness and fatigue is another common cause of CBG oil. CBG oil for CBG Vape is a form of hemp and the reason why we take it is either because we are suffering from insomnia or aren't getting enough sleep.

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