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Ever wonder what those tiny, sticky crystals are that cover cannabis flower? Well it is known as Trichomes or Kief. Black Tie CBD Kief is derived from the resin glands of our premium hemp flowers, which contain terpenes and cannabinoids. Black Tie's CBD Kief contains a high amount of of the terpene Nerolidol which is associated with floral aromas such as apples, and rose. Nerolidol is believed to produce sedating effects, and is being investigated for providing known medical benefits such as: Antiparasitic, Antifungal, and Antimicrobial. Just $15.99 per gram! 

Available in 3 different strains!!

Mothership#2 -  ***Full lab results available here!***

BubbleGum -     ***Full lab results available here!***

Candyland -       ***Full lab results available here!***



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