Black Friday/Cyber Monday

Black Friday, or Black Tie-Day as we like to call it, is coming! Are you ready for the madness? 2020 was the year of extreme online shopping, with nearly twice as many customers buying from online stores; this year is about to be just the same.

The Black Tie-Day / Cyber Monday event is set to launch on Nov.22nd and will run through Tuesday, Nov.30th, during which you can save up to 75% on some of our best-selling products! We’re offering the biggest deals of the year across ALL of our products. Shoppers will be given the green light next week, where they can get exclusive discounts found only at BlackTieCBD.Net!

Want the best cannabis Black Friday sales? See our exclusive offers below;

75% OFF

So what’s included? Full Spectrum (Outdoor) Flowers.

If you’re looking for affordable and effective outdoor flowers, you’ve come to the right place.

We have the smoothest hemp Kush on the market. Our Indica-dominant strains consist of a cerebral sensation that is augmented by a relaxing and gentle body effect. On the other hand, Our Sativa-dominant strains may sharpen the senses, increasing productivity and introspectiveness in the right setting.

50% OFF

What’s included? Indoor Flowers, Delta8 Infused Flowers, Moon Rocks, and PreRolls.

If you’re looking for superior quality, these are the products you need.

A wide selection of HighTimes Award-winning Indoor flowers includes the legendary hemp strain - Harlequin. Black Tie Delta8 Infused Hemp Flowers are liberally coated, and our moon rocks are the perfect way to feel high-ly relaxed! These products are the top of the line when it comes to premium smokeable hemp. Oh, and don’t forget the PreRolls. PreRolled Joints simply make smoking easy. They are ready to smoke on the go; all you need is your trusty lighter.

50% OFF

What’s included? Edibles, Capsules, Tinctures, Teas/Drinks, and Coffees.

If you’re looking for products that you can slip into your daily routine with ease, these are the products to buy. Whether you’re looking for a convenient, tasty snack that you can take throughout the day or a CBD-infused morning necessity like our teas and coffees - you have the pick of the mill at 50% off.

We source our edible products from the best in the industry, and, as our customers will tell you, the consistency and enjoyment of these are unmatched.

25% OFF

What’s included? Afghani Hash, Crystalline, Crumble, Dab Wax, Kief, and Isolates.

If you’re looking for Dab-able products, you’re going to be impressed with these products. The “high” effects from dabs are much more intense than smoking flowers. Feeling great just became so much easier, and you’re getting 25% off our products with the highest concentration of cannabinoids.

Remember these deals will be offered for a limited time only, from November 22nd to midnight November 30th! Make sure to act fast as we expect items to sell out quickly! Don’t miss the hemp industry’s biggest SALE - The Black Tie-Day / Cyber Monday event.

**Only one promo code per transaction allowed
***We cannot accept returns on sale items since it is an opportunity buy situation