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Black Tie's industrial hemp flower is Oregon’s finest hemp flower. You'll enjoy the aroma and taste, while receiving the benefit of a high cannabidiol content (CBD %).  All of our flowers are below the legal limit of .3% THC delta-9.

BUBBLEGUM SPECIAL RESERVE (Indoor)- 20.45% Total CBD  **Full report available here!**
If you like Black Tie BubbleGum, you’ll love this batch of BubbleGum Special Reserve. This indoor version of Black Tie Bubblegum is light green, dense, and smells amazing. Dried then cured for 2 months, the buds are perfectly manicured and ready for your enjoyment. There are notable levels of many cannabinoids present in the Special Reserve including: 22.51% CBDA, .71% CBD, .08% CBC, .09% CBG, and .86% THCA!

*Delta9 is below the Limit of Quantification at less than .05%.

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