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Black Tie's industrial hemp flower is Oregon’s finest hemp flower. You'll enjoy the aroma and taste, while receiving the benefit of a high cannabidiol content (CBD %).  All of our flowers are below the legal limit of .3% THC delta-9.

THE JACK (Indoor)- 20.98% Total CBD  **Full report available here!**
The Jack placed 2nd in the HIGHTIMES High Desert Dope Cup this year! THE JACK provides a very pleasurable smoke. These small sized buds are extremely flavorful. The smell is slightly earthy, slightly sweet, with hints of spice. The taste begins with a grapefruit flavor followed by a notable cannabis kick! This strain has the ability to provide sedative effects that would be attributed to classic indica strains.

*Delta9 is below the Limit of Quantitation at less than .05%.

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