3 Best Ways to Consume Delta-8 | Black Tie CBD

September 27, 2022

3 Best Ways to Consume Delta-8 | Black Tie CBD

3 Best Ways to Consume Delta-8

Are you familiar with Delta-8? Lots of people are making the switch to Delta-8 because it tends to be lighter and a little milder than its Delta-9 THC counterpart. If you’re new to consuming Delta-8, however, the wealth of information available may be a little overwhelming. That’s why we’ve broken down 3 of the best ways to consume Delta-8. Follow these tips and it’ll be easier for you to decide which form (or forms) of Delta-8 you want to try!

How to Consume Delta-8 in Edible Form

Delta-8 Edibles have become pretty popular amongst both THC and CBD users as of late. The great thing about Delta-8 edibles is that they come in many different forms. Just like Delta-9 and CBD without any THC, Delta-8 is available as gummies, syrup, soft chews, and even as baked goods. If you need a little extra guidance on how to consume Delta-8 Edibles, we recommend checking out our specific blog post on the topic, where we covered the ins and outs of several Delta-8 Edibles we sell right here at Black Tie CBD.

The key to consuming Delta-8 Edibles is to find the strain and flavor that works best for you. Because the Delta-8 will be going through your digestive system, it may take a little longer to kick in than if you were smoking it. That’s okay! Just go along for the ride and enjoy the effects.

Smoking Delta-8 Infused Hemp Flower

Smoking Delta-8 may be one of the most effective ways to reap its benefits. The great thing about smokable Delta-8 infused hemp flower is that it comes in several varieties, some of which include Indoor CBD Hemp Flower strains, Greenhouse CBD hemp flower strains, and traditional sun-grown CBD hemp flower. If you want a real-time account of what it’s like to smoke Delta8THC, take a look at The Smoke Doctor’s honest review on YouTube! The esteemed Internet sensation offered his perspective on consuming Delta-8 infused hemp flowers by trying out our very own Delta8 Infused Cherry Pie Hemp Flower, Delta8 Infused Blueberry Pie Hemp Flower, and the Delta8 Infused Tahoe OG (Indoor) CBD Hemp Flower. We can’t be totally sure, but we’re pretty sure the Tahoe OG Delta8 bud was his favorite.

Take it as a Tincture

Fans of tinctures will also take comfort in knowing that Delta-8 can be consumed this way. Delta-8 tinctures work in the same way as CBD tinctures in that they are best ingested orally, either on or underneath the tongue. To consume Delta-8 in tincture form, hold the tincture inside your mouth for 10-15 seconds before swallowing. We advise starting with a 0.5ml (half dropper) and waiting about 15-20 minutes before going for a second dose.

Still not sure? Feel free to read up on some of our literature about consuming Delta-8. We have tips on what to do if you get too high on Delta-8 (spoiler alert: you probably won’t), a blog on whether Delta-8 THC is legal where you live, and lots of additional valuable information. 

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