Flowers? What's So Special About Indoor Grown CBD

June 17, 2022

Flowers? What's So Special About Indoor Grown CBD

If you consider yourself a CBD afficinanado, you are probably familiar with the concept of indoor grown CBD flowers vs outdoor grown CBD flowers, at least to the degree that you know of the two. Still, many people don’t know about the benefits of indoor grown CBD flowers and why manufacturers would choose indoor grown CBD flowers over the outdoor grown variety. If you’re interested in learning more about why you should buy indoor grown CBD flowers, this is the blog post for you!


Potency: Indoor Grown CBD Flowers are More Potent 

Maximizing potency should be one of the top priorities on your list when determining what kind of CBD flowers to buy. While outdoor grown CBD flowers contain an average of 15% CBD, indoor grown CBD flowers are said to have at least 25% CBD, making them significantly more potent than their outdoor counterparts. We’ll go into what affects CBD’s potency and why you’re likely to get more bang for your buck with indoor CBD flowers below. 

No Contaminants: Indoor CBD Flowers Don’t Have Agrochemicals or Heavy Metals

Chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and agrochemicals with heavy metals may be used to cultivate certain plant crops outdoors, some of which may include CBD flowers. Even if your hemp producer doesn't use these chemicals themselves and is sustainable and organic, it’s possible that neighboring plots of land may not be as careful. Chemicals could pass through groundwater, pass under property boundaries, and get sprayed onto other crops. Cannabis is a rather efficient bioremediator, which means it is quick to absorb whatever is in the soil. This could be good and bad, but particularly bad if there is runoff with contaminants from other plots of land.

The only way to 100% guarantee a total void of agrochemical contamination is to grow hemp in totally climate-controlled environments, i.e., indoors. 

Total Climate Control with Indoor Grown CBD Flowers

To piggyback off our previous point, with indoor grown CBD flowers, the grower controls everything﹘this includes how much light the crops get, the fan/wind, temperature, water, etc. Outdoor grown CBD flowers are subject to nature’s fluctuations, which means there is more variability. This doesn’t lend itself well to the more exact nature a CBD flower manufacturer may be trying to acquire. We can’t control the great outdoors, but we can control a climate-controlled environment, which is exactly what you’ll be able to do with indoor grown CBD flowers. 

Indoor Grown CBD Flowers Taste, Smell, and Look Better

While this still needs more research, scientists are encouraged by the potential of indoor grown CBD flowers to release more terpenes than outdoor CBD flowers. The enhanced terpene profile could make the CBD flowers taste better (less grassy and no risk of tasting chemicals from outdoor-grown CBD), smell better (a richer aroma because of the indoor CBD flowers being grown in a controlled environment), and look more impressive. One of the telltale signs of an indoor grown CBD flower vs an outdoor grown CBD flower is the smell. The more pungent the scent, the more likely it was that the CBD flower was grown indoors.

As for their appearance, indoor grown CBD flowers tend to look thick and robust as compared to outdoor CBD flowers, which can be thin and scraggly. Outdoor CBD flowers may have full leaves, but don’t let that fool you; their fullness is deceptive and may not yield as lush a CBD flower as those grown indoors. 

All of these factors play a vital role in the experience of smoking CBD flowers, which is ultimately the most important thing to consider. The more potent smell, taste, look, and purity levels make for a better smoking experience. 

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