What is CBG Flower?

October 19, 2022

What is CBG Flower?

What Is Cbg Flower

Lots of people are familiar with CBD and THC nowadays, but how about CBG? Not only is CBG flower an important cannabinoid to get to know, but equally important is finding out where to buy cbg flower online. Black Tie has all the details you need right here.

Known by many as the mother of all cannabinoids, cannabigerol or CBG flower has actually been around since the 1960s. Despite its longevity, CBG has not received quite as much attention in the mainstream media as its CBD and THC counterparts. Now is the time to learn more about it so you can reap all of the flower’s potential benefits.

The Science Behind CBG Flower

CBG flower is based on cannabigerolic acid (CBGA), which is the chemical parent of both THC and CBD. What makes CBG different from THC and CBD is that those come from more mature cannabis plants, giving them lower concentrations of CBG. This is due to the fact that the CBG has already been converted into either CBD or THC by the time it gets derived from these plants. When in its pure CBG form, however, CBG is derived from a young cannabis plant that has yet to develop into other forms.

Comparing CBD Flower to CBG Flower

If you put CBD flower vs CBG flower up against one another, you’ll find that there are many similarities between the two. Still, they are not one in the same. Both CBD and CBG are low-toxic components of the hemp plant. Neither are said to be addictive substances from a chemically dependent standpoint.

Similarities Between CBD and CBG

Both CBD and CBG are low-toxic components of the hemp plant. Neither are said to be addictive substances from a chemically dependent standpoint. Both CBD and CBG have been shown to provide potential health benefits for users, some of which include:

  • Stress and anxiety relief
  • Mood and relaxation
  • Productivity and concentration
  • Appetite stimulation
  • Pain relief and management
  • …and more!

Additionally, CBG and CBD are both available in a variety of forms, including smokables and edibles.

Differences Between CBD and CBG

Despite their many similarities, the chemical makeup of CBD and CBG are different. This yields different effects when using one versus the other and may be the reason to buy CBG online or CBD online, depending on your goals and needs.

Users say CBG flower tends to be more potent than CBD flower; taking it may be just what you need if you’re looking for something stronger after getting comfortable with CBD. The availability of CBG is also an important factor; CBG is less readily available than its CBD counterpart because it is a rarer hemp cultivar. This makes it harder to acquire unless you know where to buy CBG flower online from trusted sources like Black Tie CBD. Finally, the ways in which CBD vs CBG interact with the endocannabinoid system are unique from one another. CBG flower’s molecules connect directly to the human cannabinoid receptors, whereas CBD’s molecules connect indirectly.

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