CINDERELLA (CBG) -This indoor Cannabigerol (CBG) dominant strain is visually stunning. Covered in white trichomes, the Cinderella has a frosty, dreamy appearance. A indica-hybrid strain which is great for relaxation. If you haven't tried a CBG dominant strain before, you...
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Orange Cream (GH) CBG Hemp Flower
Orange Cream CBG- A premium, greenhouse grown CBG strain that is so light green that it looks almost white. The buds are covered in white crystals giving it a sugary appearance. It breaks down into white pieces leaving your fingers and rolling...
from $9.00
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Delta8 Infused CINDERELLA CBG (INDOOR) Hemp Flower
CINDERELLA (CBG) - If you haven't tried a CBG dominant strain before, you are in for a treat. This indoor strain of Cannabigerol (CBG) not only looks pretty but it makes quite the impact. Cinderella CBG is covered in white trichomes...
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Lemon Cream Diesel- An adventure into the world of premium CBG strains, providing a feeling of focus, creativity, and is very cerebral.  Customers describe a euphoric experience while maintaining a balance of pain relief and motivation. This Cannabigerol (CBG) dominant,...
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Delta8 Infused LEMON CREAM DIESEL (CBG) Hemp Flower
Delta8 Infused Lemon Cream Diesel- An adventure into the world of premium CBG strains, providing a feeling of focus, creativity, and is very cerebral.  Customers describe a euphoric experience while maintaining a balance of pain relief and motivation. This Cannabigerol...
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CBG Flower - Cannabigerol Dominant Hemp

As you know, cannabidiol or CBD isn’t the only beneficial cannabinoid contained in the hemp plant. There are over 100 uniquely identified cannabinoids in hemp, each providing different effects, and benefits.While most cannabinoids are present in trace amounts, some cannabinoids; such as CBD, CBG, and THC-V are capable of being the dominant cannabinoid, or most present compound.

In this article we are going to learn about CBG, one more cannabinoid contained in a hemp flower you may choose for your mental wellness and physical wellbeing. Black Tie CBD is happy to offer top-notch CBG dominant hemp flowers such as Cinderella (INDOOR) CBG Flower (hemp flower), plus provide you with some insights into its effective usage. Let’s get started.

What is Hemp Plant? How to use Hemp flowers?

Hemp is the hemp plant/marijuana's cannabis plant cousin. Hemp growing largely for hemp seed oil, hemp fiber, hemp CBD (cannabidiol) hemp flowers are not process with high temperatures to remove the CBD.

The hemp flower (hemp bud) of CBD hemp can be smoked or eaten raw. The hemp flowers are usually too low in CBD hemp to be useful as hemp for hemp CBD oil.

The hemp flowers are cut from the hemp plants when still very young and covered with lots of white resin glands. Hemp flowers are often sifted through a series of meshes, screens, or perforated tumblers to separate larger leaf fragments, stems, seeds, and other debris. The sifting process is a requirement to obtain hemp flowers high in CBD hemp because it preserves the trichomes from being damaged or lost.

CBD Hemp flower buds have been used for hemp oil, hemp tea, hemp tinctures, and other hemp products for thousands of years. CBD hemp flower are the kind of hemp buds you can smoke without getting a high.

What is the difference between CBD flower and CBG flower? 

CBD flowers are CBD rich strains that are suitable for CBD extracts etc. CBG flower is CBD before it converts into THC or CBD, i.e. CBD at the CBG stage.

The difference between CBD flowers and CBG flowers is that CBD flowers are CBD rich strains, suitable for CBD extracts etc. CBD flowers are CBD rich because CBD converts into CBD-a, CBG, CBC and THC in the drying process.

Products that contain CBD cannot be sold as dietary supplements or under health claims because CBD and all CBD Products has the status of a new, approved drug by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). CBG, on the other hand, is not approved as a drug by FDA (Food and Drug Administration), which makes it less controversial.

What Is CBG Flower

CBG dominant hemp flower is hemp that is ultimately rich in Cannabigerol (CBG). At the first glance, CBD and CBG flower look almost the same, however there is a huge difference in their compounds.

As you know, a hemp plant hosts more than 100 different cannabinoids. A lot of them are still unresearched completely, while the potential properties of others, for example, cannabidiol, are known to science quite well. CBG or cannabigerol is somewhere in between.

On the one hand, its potential properties are still being studied; on the other hand, scientists already have some insights into its possible effects, things in common with CBD, and their differences. Let’s find out the specifics of CBG Flower in more detail.

CBG in a Nutshell

If you compare CBG with CBD, both cannabinoids have some things in common. Still, some of the features are quite different.

Low-toxicity. Both CBD and CBG are low-toxic components of a hemp plant. That’s why both of them are used to produce tinctures, gummies, smokeables, and other types of CBD Flower products.

Non-addictive. Unlike THC, both CBD and CBG are believed to be non-addictive. That is, you may use both of the ingredients without fear of getting addicted to them. The only thing you can become positively used to is the benefits both of the ingredients may deliver to your health and wellness.

Potent. CBG, according to users' reviews, is quite a potent component compared to CBD Flower. Those users who feel no or almost no effect from CBD (such cases are quite rare but they still were reported) switch to CBG Flower as a more potent option. Since CBD and CBG have a lot of overlapping effects, choosing the latter is the way out for those resistant to CBD’s possible influence.

Exclusive. CBG is quite an exclusive hemp ingredient. Most mature hemp plants host only 1% of CBG, while this indicator may be 40% when a plant isn’t mature enough. That is, to obtain the largest amount of CBG the manufacturers have to harvest cbd hemp flower plants earlier. In this case, a lot of raw material is wasted, which is compensated for with a higher price of CBG Flower compared to CBD.

Acting directly. Still, CBG has another exclusive advantage. As you know, the cannabinoids contained in a hemp plant interact with the endocannabinoid system within the human body and make the corresponding processes work in a proper way. While the CBD impact path is indirect, CBG molecules connect to the human’s cannabinoid receptors directly. It explains the more prominent effect of CBG Flower (hemp flower) compared to CBD regardless of the way you consume any of them.

Hemp CBG - What Can It Promise?

If you want to buy a CBG flower, get started by reviewing health conditions and challenges it might be helpful with. Being well aware of the possible effects will help you set the right expectations and better deal with your specific goal, by monitoring your individual health changes.

Stress and anxiety relief. CBD Flower is well-known for its mental health improvement opportunities. CBG Flower might be helpful in this case as well, because of its direct impact on the Endocannabinoid system and the fact that cannabigerol is some kind of a “mother” cannabinoid. That is, other cannabinoids are its subtypes that have different molecular structures but a lot of overlapping features and possible effects.

Mood improvement and relaxation. A lot of users speak about their positive habit to smoke CBG flowers right after a hard day to leverage the consequences of stress, tiredness, and the feeling of being overwhelmed. In this case, CBG flower may help seamlessly relax and make anxious thoughts go away for a while.

Better productivity and concentration. There is a discussion on Reddit where a lot of users agree that CBG hemp flower effects are similar to the ones of caffeine. That is, after consuming this cannabinoid, you may become better concentrated, focused, and productive. As they report, such a productivity-enhancing effect may last from one to several hours, depending on the amount of consumed CBG Flower and the flower’s strength.

Enhanced appetite. CBG Flower may also be an option for those who suffer from decreased appetite and consequent weight loss. For example, such symptoms are quite typical for depression, and in this case, CBG flower or any other CBG-infused products may be an option for dealing with the root cause and its consequences.

How to Use CBG Hemp Flower?

There are several ways to consume CBG Hemp Flower that perfectly match different health goals and users’ lifestyles.

Smoke. Smoking CBG Flower is the most popular approach to hemp flower consumption. This is also the way to achieve the greatest bioavailability of CBG Flowersince it will enter the bloodstream quite quickly. Still, this is not the option for those who don’t love smoking or don’t want to try it, and in this case, you may pay attention either to other ways of CBG flower consumption or to other CBG product forms, like gummies and tinctures.

Vape. Vaping CBG flower is no less popular than smoking. What’s more, this method is considered health-friendlier since there is only heating of the plant but no burning. The bioavailability of CBG vapes is also quite high so you may expect the quick onset of the desired effect.

Eat. You may be surprised, but some users prefer to eat hemp flowers. In this case, they either chew weeds and swallow them with a cup of water or use them as a spice to their meals. Both of the tactics are quite good since in this case, the effect will be seamless and CBG Flower will be digested slowly. Still, the effect itself will last longer.

Does CBG Hemp Flower Have Side Effects?

As we have stated, CBG Flower is a less researched cannabinoid compared to CBD Flower. Still, scientists agree that CBG is the main cannabinoid of the whole plant, and all the properties embedded in other cannabinoids are the same or almost the same as CBG has.

According to this logic, it is possible to assume that CBD and CBG side effects may overlap as well but they are quite rare to happen. A small share of users reported such effects as dry mouth, fatigue, nausea, and changes in weight/appetite.

That’s why we kindly recommend starting small. If you are completely new to CBD and CBG, you may also consider other options of the products, more suitable for beginners, for example, CBD/CBG oils or gummies. But if you want to consume CBG in a non-processed form, that is, in the form of a CBG flower, get started step by step and carefully monitor your reaction.

Such a careful strategy will help you find out the consumption methods that suit your best and the amount of CBG you have to consume in order to achieve the desired effect.

Is CBG Products Usage Detectable on a Drug Test?

No, CBG product usage isn’t detectable on a drug test. But if you are worried about being tested positive, pay special attention to the presence of THC (delta 8 and delta 9) within the hemp you want to consume. Drug tests are able to detect THC but when its amount is limited to the legal norm (up to .3%), the likelihood of testing positive is almost zero. Be especially careful with delta 8 THC since this component lacks legal regulation but still can be detected on a drug test. If you are subject to regular, or random drug tests, we highly recommend sticking with Broad Spectrum products. Broad Spectrum CBD and CBG products do not contain THC, and therefore will not show up on a drug test.

How to Make Sure of CBG Cannabis Quality?

CBD and CBG products are quite trendy and popular. They are disrupting the modern wellness market, and that is why sometimes you may come across low-quality goods or fakes. Here is how to make sure you are going to buy CBG hemp flower of high quality. Pay attention to the following features of the product offering you consider.

Visual appearance. CBG Hemp strains should be of grey to green color. The color of the final product largely depends on the hemp flower plant itself.

Smell. High-quality hemp flowers smell like herbs; they may have earthy smell shadows as well. There should be no additional and artificial smell enhancers.

Lab tests. Also, make sure to review the lab test results before making a purchase. US hemp strains processors are obliged to test their products in an independent laboratory and share the lab test results publicly, right on the product pages. If you haven’t discovered a lab test result from the first try, consider getting in touch with the CBD brand’s support team.

Trusted brand. By the way, buying CBG hemp flowers strains from a trusted CBD brand is quite essential. To make sure you are going to buy hemp in a reliable place, pay attention to the content they publish. All the information regarding the product's specifics, use cases, potential benefits, and possible side effects should be instantly available, it should be clear and free from overpromises.

Customer reviews. Also, make sure to read users' reviews about the CBG strains product you intend to try and the brand you want to buy from. Pay attention to the reviews placed beyond the branded website, review other social feedback platforms as well. Quora and Reddit can also be helpful. Proceed with a brand and product rich in positive reviews, and don’t hesitate to get in touch with their support for additional clarifications.

Where Can I Buy CBG Flower?

There are a lot of online stores offering CBG flowers for sale, but not all of them are equally reliable. Above, we have already shared a tactic for choosing a high-quality hemp flower strains, so you may use it when looking for trusted CBG flower manufacturers as well.

Black Tie CBD, in turn, is a top-trusted place for those in love with CBD and CBG strains smoking, vaping, and dabbing. We prioritize quality over quantity so we are glad to offer you quite exclusive CBG flowers. We are sure you will appreciate the experience they may deliver. You are welcome to get in touch with our support team or place an instant order. Our team will process it asap and you will get your hemp flower strains delivered to your state quite quickly as well! 

And also try our other products like CBD FlowerCBD for Pets, and CBD Oils, discover CBD with us!


What is CBG flower?

CBD and CBG flowers are not the same thing! CBG hemp flowers are the buds of a cannabis strain that contain high amounts of CBG cannabinoid. Сannabis CBG strains have a therapeutic effect on the body, as evidenced by the study of CBG flowers.

Is buying and selling CBG flowers legal in America?

CBG flowers, like CBD, are legal for sale and purchase in the states of the USA. The main condition is that the buyer of CBG flowers must be an adult, and the store that has CBG flowers for sale must have permission from the government to sell hemp products.

Where can I buy CBG flowers?

Many local and online stores have CBG for sale, including CBG flowers. After legalizing the sale of cannabis products, many stores such as Black Tie have been licensed to sell hemp products and offer a wide variety of high-quality CBG products.

What is special about CBG flowers?

CBG flowers have become so popular due to their properties not to intoxicate or poison the body. The CBG cannabinoids found in the cannabis flower have a positive effect on the entire human body, and at the same time do not cause unpleasant sensations, unlike smoking marijuana.

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