What Is a High THCA Percentage? Here’s What You Should Know

January 31, 2023

What Is a High THCA Percentage? Here’s What You Should Know

As the precursor acid to THC, THCA stands to offer a host of benefits in addition to those already provided by THC. But what constitutes a high THCA percentage, and how does it make a difference in the effectiveness of the compound? That’s what we’ll unpack below.

What Is a High THCA Percentage? Here’s What You Should Know

What is THCA?

Before we get into the nitty gritty about percentages and potency, it’s important to have a solid understanding of what THCA is. Tetraydrocannabolic acid (THCA) is the precursor to THC. The two cannabinoids have rather similar structures, except for one glaring difference: THCA has an extra carboxyl group that THC does not. This one little detail may seem minute, but it makes all the difference in the psychoactive effects that the compound does or does not deliver. Having an extra carboxyl group means that THCA is not psychoactive in its raw state and will therefore not get you high. 

Once it is exposed to heat and light through decarboxylation, however, THCA loses that extra carboxyl group and effectively becomes THC. 

How Do You Determine THCA Content?

Finding out the percentage of THCA before decarboxylation requires knowing how high the THC percentage of the cannabis strain is. All cannabis strains are different and will come with their own constitution of cannabinoids. You’ll be able to determine how high the THCA percentage is of the product you’re taking, and therefore how potent it may be, based on several factors, one of which includes the total cannabinoids analyzed. 

A reputable CBD retailer should always be transparent about what is in their strains. Black Tie always makes our 3rd Party Lab Analyses available to our customers. 

Take our Gushers (Indoor) THC-A Hemp Flower, for example. This indica-dominant hybrid clearly indicates a THCa percentage of 21.70% but also prominently displays our 3rd Party Lab Analysis for further explanation. 

What is Considered a High THCA Percentage?

Generally speaking, any cannabis strain that is at or above 15% THC will have a high THCA percentage prior to decarboxylation. That means that once the THCA is decarboxylated, the transfer of the psychoactive properties will only increase. 

Now before you get ahead of yourself, it’s critical to note that the THCA content is not the same as the THC content. For example, if you see that the THCA percentage of a strain is 22% and the THC percentage is 0.2%, you may think that the total THC will be 24%. While the total percentage of cannabinoids analyzed will be 22.2%, it doesn’t mean that the compound contains 22.2% active THC.

The molecular mass formula that can be used to determine the percentage of THCA that will turn into THC, and therefore indicate the degree of potency is as follows:

THCtotal = (%THCA) x 0.877 + (%THC)

Keep in mind that various factors may impact these results, so treating it as gospel is not advised. 

The main thing to note is that the higher the THCA percentage, the more potent the product will likely be.

Where to Buy THCA Hemp Flower

If you’ve never tried THCA before, a great place to start is with a CBD retailer you can trust. Two of our favorite THCA hemp flower strains with notably high THCA percentages include:

  • Ice Cream Cake (GH) THC-A Hemp Flower. Great for sleep, this indica-based hemp flower is perfect for sending you off into an ice cream cake dream state. Many users say that while the sweet dough/lemon scent is divine, the best part is that this THC-a hemp flower is heavily coated in trichomes.  
    • THCa - 20.70%
    • THC (Delta9) - 0.22%
  • Gushers (INDOOR) THC-A Hemp Flower. This indica-dominant hybrid is perfect for mood enhancement and a better sleep. Expect a sweet, doughy aroma followed by heavy undertones of gas in this highly dense THCA hemp flower.
    • THCa - 21.70%
    • THC (Delta9) - 0.17%

Try out several different types and find the strain that suits you best. Find it all when you shop for THCA flower, CBD, CBG, and more at Black Tie today!