Delta 8 Syrup

June 22, 2022

Delta-8 is a cannabis compound that is similar to Delta-9 THC, a cannabis compound known for its psychoactive effects such as causing euphoria, happiness, sedation, symptom relief, and more. 

Here’s a breakdown of the ingredients and nutrition facts of Enjoy Hemp’s Delta-8 Syrup:

Nutrition Facts: Serv. Size: 2 tsps, Servings: Approx 13, 7g of sugar per serving.

Ingredients: Water, Sugar, Hemp Derived Delta 8, Lecithin, Citric Acid, and Natural Fruit Flavorings.

Enjoy Hemp's Delta-8 Syrup

Transforms any beverage into a High-Potency, THC-infused, flavor-enhanced experience you’ll love. This Delta-8 Syrup is one of the most potent sources of Delta-8 on the market. It’s made from all-natural, vegan, gluten-free ingredients, all of which have been lab tested for safety and efficacy.

What makes Enjoy Hemp different?

We are committed to promoting transparency for our consumers. Enjoy Hemp is the only syrup on the market that lets customers pick their own ways of enjoying the life we offer with our relaxing and uplifting blends. The effects of our products are also easily recognizable on the packaging for consumers who may feel overwhelmed by dispensing experiences.

Why Use Delta-8 Syrup?

Delta-8 Syrup from Enjoy Hemp uses water-soluble nanotechnology to deliver a product that absorbs up to 5x faster than the competition. Plus, our Delta-8 takes effect in as little as 15 minutes and lasts for up to 6-8 hours.


How long does it take for Delta 8 syrup to work?

The effects of Delta 8 THC typically set in from 15 to 45 minutes after consumption; however the potency depends on how much you consume as well as an individual's metabolic rate. A high from Delta 8 THC can last anywhere from 3-to 6 hours depending on these factors.

Does Delta 8 drops get you high?

For those who are beginners, it is important to know that Delta 8 THC can be different than your usual high. Unlike what you’re used to feeling, this won't make you feel lethargic or tired - instead, it will provide a cerebral buzz and increase your sense of creativity and awareness without causing drowsiness.