The Best CBD Gummies for Sexual Enhancement and Where to Buy Them

May 22, 2023

The Best CBD Gummies for Sexual Enhancement and Where to Buy Them

The Best CBD Gummies for Sexual Enhancement and Where to Buy Them

CBD gummies for better sex? Yes, it’s a thing. If you’re looking for a safe, sustainable, prescription-free way to have a better time in the bedroom, CBD may be the way to go. CBD edibles like gummies offer an easy and convenient way to potentially have a more enjoyable sexual experience. If you’re considering using CBD gummies for sex but need a little guidance, you’ve come to the right place. Learn about why people use CBD before sex, what the best CBD gummies for sex are, and where you can get them

Why Do People Take CBD for Sex?

It’s pretty well known by now that CBD boasts a slew of potential benefits as far as overall health and wellness are concerned, the most common being:

  • Pain relief
  • Better sleep
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Help with stress and anxiety
  • … and more!

While these are all extremely important on their own, the benefits of CBD may also contribute to a more positive experience in the bedroom. With less pain, better sleep, reduced inflammation, and less stress and anxiety, people may have an easier time getting “in the mood” and remaining engaged.

What’s more, there is even research to support this. A study conducted by the Journal of Sexual Medicine (JSM) entitled The Relationship Between Marijuana Use Prior to Sex and Sexual Function in Women found that 68% of female participants had a more pleasurable experience when they consumed cannabis prior to sex.[1]

On the male side, another study entitled The Association Between Marijuana Use and Sexual Frequency in the United States found that not only does cannabis have no effect on sexual function, but it also discovered an increase in sexual frequency.

What are the Best CBD Gummies for Sex

Now that we know the “why,” it’s time to move onto the “how”; specifically, how can you get the best CBD gummies for sex into your possession? Answering that question requires a roundup of which gummies top the list. Lucky for you, we’ve done the grunt work for you.

  • Alchemy Naturals CBD Gummies for Sex - Full Spectrum. All signs point to a better time in the bedroom with Alchemy Naturals’ Full Spectrum CBD Gummies for Sex. Plant-based and ready for action, CBD gummies for sex contain Maca Root, which research suggests may support libido in women.[2] Additionally, this strain is available in either 25mg or 50mg CBD, which may contribute to increased blood flow and could promote lubrication. Designed to foster heightened sensation and increase libido function, these full spectrum CBD gummies could be your ticket to better sex. Available for sale online at Black Tie CBD.
  • Penguin CBD Gummies. A little bit sweet, a little bit sour, Penguin CBD Gummies are known for being a go-to gummy for better sex. Their formula contains a natural extract that delivers powerful benefits in the realm of male enhancement without negative side effects. These gummies are available for sale at
  • CBD Infusionz Hempy Worms CBD Gummies. Take a bite of a CBD-infused gummy worm to chill out before you head to bed, whether you plan on sleeping in it or not. These gummies come with the option for regular (CBD only) or PM (Melatonin + CBD). We suggest sticking with the regular version when you’re taking CBD for sexual activity. Available for purchase online at Black Tie CBD.
  • Elm & Rye Libido Gummies. Designed specifically for male enhancement, Elm & Rye Libido Gummies contain cbd, green tea extract, maca root powder, and chloride. In addition to helping increase circulation during sexual activity, these gummies may also improve energy levels throughout the day to promote a healthier lifestyle. Libido gummies are available on Elm & Rye’s website.
  • CBD Infusionz Sour CBD Gummy Bears. These bite-sized CBD edibles may have a sour taste, but they’ll give you a pretty sweet experience in the bedroom. These gummies can be purchased online at Black Tie CBD.
  • Everest Full Spectrum CBD Gummies. Designed to deliver a natural and effective way to boost libido, these gummies not only contain high quality CBD, but they also have vitamins B12 and D3 to enhance overall well-being. These CBD gummies for sex can be purchased directly on the Everest website.
  • CBD Infusionz Organic CBD Gummy Bears. These make the list for some of the best CBD gummies for sex for their simple formula. Great for the health-conscious cannabis user, Organic CBD Gummy Bears from CBD Infusionz gummies are made with all organic ingredients. That means no need to worry about anything else interfering with your system or your process. They are available for purchase online at Black Tie CBD.

Whichever CBD gummies for sex you end up going with, the key is to purchase from a reputable retailer that makes all of their lab results available to customers.

Black Tie CBD is proud to use third party testing for every product and always displays our results for all customers to see. For more information about using CBD for better sex  or for insight on our other products, we encourage you to contact us today.