The Different Effects of CBD Edibles

March 2, 2021

The Different Effects of CBD Edibles

The Different Effects of CBD Edibles

A common misconception is that people have to smoke CBD in order to experience its benefits. Fortunately, this is not the case, and there are many ways to use CBD, the best of which may be edibles. These various methods thus allow you to reap the benefits of the CBD while enjoying the foods you love. But you needn’t just trust this method based on our recommendation alone—instead, you should take a look at the different effects of CBD edibles for yourself.

What Is CBD?

CBD stands for cannabidiol, but before you get anxious about the relation to cannabis, this is not marijuana. CBD can be found in the hemp plant, and is primarily where CBD products get their cannabidiol because of the lack of THC that marijuana does have in contrast. THC is the chemical that is responsible for giving you that euphoric “high,” while CBD instead offers non-intoxicating medical benefits.

Is it Legal?

Because CBD is so closely related to marijuana, a common concern when using CBD is whether or not it’s legal. While some state laws can be a bit nebulous, the 2018 farm bill legalized the production and sale of hemp and thus the CBD properties within, and of course, states are beginning to follow the trend of legalizing marijuana. You have nothing to fear from commercially-sold CBD products, and they’re only becoming more prevalent as legalization takes away the stigma around CBD.

How Is CBD Prepared?

Now, we can finally begin to talk about the actual CBD edibles. First, let's consider what kind of edibles CBD can be made into and how they are prepared. If you’re not one for cooking, it is possible to find CBD edibles for sale.

Typically, cannabinoid oil is first extracted from hemp through one of three extraction methods—hydrocarbon, solvent, and supercritical CO2 extraction. It is said that the CO2 method provides the highest quality product, but it requires sophisticated machinery that uses pressure and CO2 to remove the CBD from the hemp plant. Solvent extraction dissolves the hemp’s waxes, but is a bit precarious because solvents like ethanol are flammable. Solvent extraction is, however, one of the most accessible methods for those looking to extract their own CBD at home.

Once you have the CBD oil, you can technically consume it there and then on its own, but you’ll likely find it to be very bitter. Instead, CBD oil can be mixed with other ingredients to create better-tasting edibles. Some of the most common ones that you would find for sale include gummies or lollipops, but CBD can be prepared into other kinds of foods such as:

  • Pastries and baked goods
  • Chocolate
  • Jellybeans and gummy bears
  • Honey
  • Salad dressing
  • Smoothies
  • And many more!

This means you can enjoy CBD with your favorite foods, and these are just some of the most common ways CBDs are made into edibles.

The Medical Benefits

Next, we can now talk about the different effects of CBD edibles. The main draw of CBD is the myriad of health benefits it has to offer without any major repercussions. This use of CBD can be used to relieve common problems like soreness and aches or be used to ease the symptoms of ailments and disorders. For example, one of the most common benefits consumers make use of is CBD’s effectiveness in soothing feelings of anxiety or stress. This can help those suffering from depression by reducing their anxiety and allowing them to regain control over their worries and take steps towards making progress in improving if they’re not always on edge or hesitant. However, CBD isn’t just for the mundane, as serious disorders like epilepsy make use of CBD to prevent seizures.

As an added bonus to these mental health benefits, CBD oil has thus been found to aid in combatting sleeping disorders. With the use of CBD, you’ll not only find that you’re having an easier time relaxing and getting to sleep, but it’ll also help reduce any sleep disorder’s effects in an effort to eliminate the disorder entirely.

As mentioned, CBD is also becoming popular for relieving pains within the body. Typically, the best way to go about using CBD for pain relief is through the use of topicals. These topicals are applied directly to the skin in the area that is experiencing pain and are thus ideal for targeting specific areas for the most effective relief. These topicals are effective because they bond with our endocannabinoid receptors that our skin happens to have plenty of, providing actual relief of the pain rather than masking it like other pain-relieving drugs.

The way CBD relieves pain lies in the fact it has anti-inflammatory properties, it’s capable of inducing apoptosis (the death of cells that occurs in the normal or controlled part of an organism’s growth and development), restrains cell production, obstructs cytokine creation and signals molecules for cell-to-cell communication, and induces T-administrative cells that are vital in bolstering the immune system. This makes CBD edibles as effective as other pain-relieving medicines like Ibuprofen.

CBD Side Effects

Perhaps the best benefit of CBD products in contrast to traditional medications is how few side effects and repercussions CBD has on you and your body. No doubt you’ve seen manufactured pharmaceuticals have an extensive list of potential side effects listed on the side of the bottle, which is why CBD has been a quickly growing trend amongst over-the-counter medications. While CBD has no major side effects that these manufactured medicines potentially have, some of the minor side effects observed are typically feelings of vertigo, fatigue, and changes in your weight. Furthermore, like with all medicines, if you are already taking medication, you should ensure that CBD may not potentially interfere with or alter that initial medication.

It should be noted that CBD edibles also take longer to take effect than other methods, such as using a dropper and placing the oil right under your tongue. That means it’s also less likely to create a high concentration peak, which means it may reduce the chance it interferes with other medications. In any case, it’s best to speak with your doctor and see what CBD treatment options they recommend.

The Different Effects of CBD Edibles