The Smoke Doctor’s Delta8 THC Flower Review: Black Tie CBD Exclusive

September 5, 2022

The Smoke Doctor’s Delta8 THC Flower Review: Black Tie CBD Exclusive


The Smoke Doctor s Delta8 THC Flower Review Black Tie CBD Exclusive

Not sure if Delta8 THC Flower is right for you? Check out The Smoke Doctor’s honest review on YouTube! The esteemed YouTube and Instagram personality reviews several Black Tie CBD Delta8 THC Flower products to give customers an inside look at what you can expect when using them yourself.

Newbies to smoking Delta8 flower could definitely benefit from the expert advice and testimony of The Smoke Doctor. The content creator regularly reviews cannabis from various companies, which is why Black Tie CBD sent him several strains of our very own Delta8 Infused THC Flower. We wanted to get his take on our products and see what he thought. The results: an outstanding two thumbs up! Read through our recap below or watch the video on YouTube! 

Video Recap: Review of Delta8 Flower from Black Tie CBD

The video starts off with The Smoke Doctor introducing the 3 different strains he plans to review: Delta8 Infused Cherry Pie Hemp Flower, Delta8 Infused Blueberry Pie Hemp Flower, and Delta8 Infused Tahoe OG (Indoor) CBD Hemp Flower. He also mentions that he was gifted the Orange Cookies (Indoor) CBD Hemp Flower, but notes that this is not infused with Delta8; it’s rich in CBD (13.83%), but doesn’t contain any Delta8 THC.

After giving viewers a more in-depth depiction of the visuals of each flower and how they can expect to feel, The Smoke Doctor transitions to a closeup of the Cherry Pie bud, which is the only product he tests on-camera. Of this Delta8 Infused flower, The Smoke Doctor says it smells very fruity, almost like Fruity Pebbles cereal, “but a little bit better.” To show its stickiness, he breaks it apart and demonstrates how a piece sticks to his finger for a second or two, exemplifying its “hang time.” 

Moving on, it’s time to try the product. The Smoke Doctor has a friend/ assistant off camera roll and light up the blunt and later hand it to him. After he marvels at the beauty of the blunt, he holds it up to the camera and then takes a pull. His immediate reaction is that the taste transfers over. With a few more puffs, he comments on the throat grab. 

In total, The Smoke Doctor takes 3 pulls and notes feeling “nice and relaxed.” He says he isn’t totally affected but still feels the impact of the Delta8, which is all that counts. He makes sure to note that the degree to which people will be affected depends entirely on their body composition and their tolerance, and adds that he personally has a rather high tolerance. When he asks his off camera assistant his thoughts, The Smoke Doctor is met with an enthusiastic, “It was good!” He remarks that he feels “super chill.” The final verdict? It’s “legit.” 

Delta8 Flower Products Reviewed

Delta8 Infused Cherry Pie Hemp Flower

Content Breakdown:


Total CBD – 15.62%

THC (Delta 8) - 19.65%

THC (Delta 9) - 0.018%

Highlights: This Delta8 Flower features dark green and red buds that are dense and sticky. The fruity scent is instantly detectable, which The Smoke Doctor makes sure to note. Users report feeling euphoric, creative, and having pain-relief after taking the Delta8 Cherry Pie Flower.

Delta8 Infused Blueberry Pie Hemp Flower

Content Breakdown:

Total CBD – 13.66%

THC (Delta 8) - 17.67%

THC (Delta 9) – .29%

Highlights: The Smoke Doctor comments that the Blueberry Pie Delta8 Flower is more of a pre grind than a shake, saying that all you have to do is pop the bag and roll it. This makes it easy and convenient. The Delta8 Flower has a sweet aroma followed by a mild undertone of pine and a sugary finish.

Delta8 Infused Tahoe OG (Indoor) CBD Hemp Flower

Content Breakdown:


Total CBD – 14.77%

THC (Delta 8) – 18.66%

THC (Delta 9) - 0.00%

Highlights: Of this Indica-dominant hemp strain, The Smoke Doctor says that its contents are more reminiscent of microbuds than of a shake, which makes it ready for immediate use. The Delta8 flower buds are covered in trichomes and emit a pungent scent that gets even more intense when you pinch them. Users report feeling a slight heaviness behind their eyes and a distinct cerebral effect.

CBD Product Mentioned, Not Reviewed ** Not Delta8 Flower**

Orange Cookies (Indoor) CBD Hemp Flower

Content Breakdown:

Total CBD - 13.83%

THC (Delta 9) - 0.29%

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