Understanding CBD Edible Dosage

May 4, 2021

Understanding CBD Edible Dosage
Understanding CBD Edible Dosage

The benefits of CBD are quickly rising in popularity and have been presented to the general public in a variety of different products that allow you to consume or use CBD in a way that suits you most. One of the best ways to consume CBD, however, is by including CBD oil into your cooking to created edibles. While you can buy CBD edibles online as properly portioned gummies, trying to cook with it on your own can be difficult without understanding CBD edible dosage. Let’s take a look at this topic further to cut down on the guesswork and help you pinpoint how much CBD you should include in your edibles.

Consulting Your Doctor

Before we get into the topic at hand, it’s our responsibility to first recommend you talk to your doctor first if you intend to use CBD edibles for medicinal use. Your doctor will be able to recommend proper dosages as they have greater insight into the medical condition you’re trying to treat and will ensure you’re going down the right path for recovery. The FDA does not recognize CBD as an actual form of medication, but rather a natural remedy, meaning there is no official formula for determining CBD dosage so the expertise of a doctor will help you to identify your ideal dosage quicker than if you were to simply play around with it yourself.

Determining the Dosage

Now, then, the first part of understanding CBD edible dosage is understanding that CBD is a biphasic substance. What this means is that the more potent the CBD dosage, the more the effects change, and you might not get exactly what you were looking for. Using anxiety relief as our example, a proper dose of CBD will ensure that your endocannabinoid system is properly regulated so that the production of cortisol, a stress-inducing hormone, slows back down to normal levels that leave you feeling relaxed. Taking too much CBD, however, can be just as ineffective as taking too small of a dose. The best way to find your proper dose is by taking it low and slow—working your way up till you discover the dosage right for you.

When you begin to look at the CBD tinctures you want to use in your cooking, you should next inspect the ratio of THC to CBD. It’s important to realize that the only product that is purely CBD is CBD isolate, while other extractions and products will have a mixture of other cannabinoids along with the CBD. These other cannabinoids should not be feared, however, as they work together to create a beneficial “entourage effect” that makes the CBD benefits more potent. Hemp plants, which most CBD oil is extracted from, contain less than 0.3% THC, so you shouldn’t have much to worry about, but some products do intentionally add THC for consumers who desire to experience the THC “high.” These CBD products that feature an added dose of THC will be clearly labeled to make them easy to identify and avoid if it’s not something you’re interested in.

If you get a CBD product containing enough THC to affect you, then you should look for a dosage containing between 1mg and 2.5mg. You may only feel a small buzz, but it’s important that you work your way up and allow your body time to adjust and adapt.

Tolerance Factors

Other considerations you need to make include yourself and your circumstances. There are various bodily factors that will determine your natural tolerance to substances like CBD. For instance, the higher your body weight, the stronger the dose you’ll need to feel the effects of CBD. A good rule of thumb to estimate your dosage is that for every 10 pounds you weigh, take between 1mg and 6mg of CBD. So, for example, someone who weighs 180lbs would take between 16mg to 30mg worth of CBD.

Another factor is your metabolism – how quickly your body converts food into energy. This will determine how quickly the CBD is absorbed into your body and when you’ll feel the effects. If you have a slow metabolism, you may need to compensate with a higher dosage, but don’t fall into the trap of taking extra doses because you don’t feel anything. It often takes a short time for edibles to take effect.

To round back to the first subtopic, if you have a medical condition then you need to keep that in mind as you consider how you’ll be using your CBD. If you’re using it to help combat sleep issues, then a low dose of CBD may be all you need to relax your body and get a good night’s sleep. More serious health concerns, however, may require stronger doses to combat more powerful symptoms of pain or intense anxiety. As we said, you should certainly speak with your doctor beforehand so they can recommend a dosage or if CBD will help you at all.

Adjusting the Dosage

So, what about changing the dosage after you’ve been using CBD in your edibles for some time? The general rule of thumb is that you stick to your dosage for at least three days before changing it again. It provides ample time for you to observe the effects of CBD in your body and gauge how you feel before deciding whether it’s the right amount, too much, or too little. The learning experience of finding the right dosage requires some patience. Remember what we said about CBD being biphasic—a little bit of CBD will help you relax, but too large a dosage will become as ineffective as too small a dose. Hitting that sweet spot of the perfect dosage will ensure you receive the best benefits and the most enjoyable experience.

Can You Overdose on CBD?

Not in the way you may be thinking—there are no possibilities of death or needing to head to the emergency room. CBD is a very gentle and natural substance, and you’d have to work hard to actually “overdose” on it. In particular, you would need to consume about 300mg for every 2.5lbs of your body weight, which would be made even more difficult by the fact that the majority of CBD products are not purely CBD. So, by all means, feel free to experiment with the blissful health benefits of CBD and find what works best for you without fearing any serious repercussions.

Understanding CBD Edible Dosage


What is recommended CBD Gummies dosage?

CBD gummies come in a range of concentrations. Some have 5 mg of CBD concentration each; some are as strong as 25 mg or higher. We recommend taking four of a low-dose gummy, but only one of a higher dose. And you should always read recommendations of dosing on each CBD Edible.

What CBD gummies dosage for back pain?

Many factors, such as your body mass index, specific health conditions you have, medications you take, your health history, and the form of CBD you plan to use can influence how much CBD you may need to treat your symptoms. The doctor who’s well-versed in cannabis is probably the best person to help you sort it out.

What CBD Gummies dosage can I overdose?

Overdose is the dose of CBD that is bigger than the allowable dose for each CBD Product. While CBD can be tolerated in fairly high doses and isn’t intoxicating, it can have negative side effects.

What is Black Tie CBD Gummies Dosage?

You need to read the dosage for each Black Tie CBD Edible, as it can differ, and follow all the instructions for using it.