• What is Cannabigerol?

    What is Cannabigerol?
    You’ve heard of CBD and THC, which are both well-researched and well-known cannabinoids. These chemicals are found in cannabis and hemp plants, and they have unique effects on our bodies. Another cannabinoid everyone needs to know is cannabigerol, or CBG. There are dozens of known cannabinoids, and all of them come from CBG. This is why CBG is called the “mother cannabinoid.” In other...
  • CBD Oil for Anxiety

    CBD Oil for Anxiety | The Pros & Cons - CBD to Treat Anxiety
    CBD Oil for Anxiety: What You Need to Know In the past few years, Cannabidiol (CBD) was able to beat the stigma associated with cannabis (better known as marijuana or hemp). Despite the controversy linked with CBD due to recreational use of marijuana, there’s been a growing awareness of the possible health benefits of CBD, especially in soothing daily worries. Others, however, use it...
  • High CBD Strains List 2020 - What Strains Pack the Most CBD?

    High CBD Strains List 2020 - What Strains Pack the Most CBD?
    Top 10 High CBD Strains Worth Checking Out CBD or cannabidiol has been the center of discussion in the health and wellness community for years now. It has gained attention when many states have legalized its use for medicinal purposes. Indeed, the classification of high CBD strains is noted for its potential to bring about wellness benefits. It is different from high-THC strains of...
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