• What is THC-O?

    What is THC-O?
    Move over, delta-8 — there’s a new cannabinoid on the scene.  And this one’s more powerful than ever. If you have questions like “what is THC-O?” or “is THC-O legal?” then we have good news: you’re in the right place! Keep reading to get all your questions answered in our THC-O guide.  What is THC-O? What is THC-O-Acetate? How THC-O is made What is...
  • Delta-8 VS Delta-9. What’s the difference?

    Delta-8 VS Delta-9. What’s the difference?
    Delta-8 THC and delta-9 THC: they may sound almost identical, but their effects couldn’t be much more different.  It’s true — delta-8 isn’t nearly as similar to delta-9 as their names imply! Keep reading to learn more about the many differences between these two special cannabinoids. Here’s an outline of what we’ll be covering: Cannabinoid chemistry 101 Delta-8 vs delta-9 THC: the similarities Delta-8...
  • Is CBD Oil Legal in Tennessee?

    Is CBD Oil Legal in Tennessee?
    Have you been looking for a good source of CBD oil in Tennessee? Or maybe you already have a good source...but just want to make sure that your CBD oil is legal in Tennessee? Regardless, this article is designed to help! In it we’ll be looking at the in’s and out’s of the state’s CBD laws.  CBD in Tennessee Is CBD legal in Tennessee?...
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