Nowadays, you’ll find CBD in practically anything. The cannabinoid is becoming more and more popular every day, especially as more people discover the compound’s unique benefits. While you’re probably used to coming across CBD oils, edibles, and topicals, CBD tea is also quickly gaining notoriety in the health and wellness sphere. But, what is CBD teas, and what do people choose to enjoy it?

Don’t worry: if you’re unfamiliar with the world of CBD teas, Black Tie is here to make it known. As a brand that offers our own huge selection of CBD hemp tea, we want to answer all of your questions surrounding this beneficial product. Let’s get started.

What Is CBD Tea?

First thing’s first: CBD-based tea is just regular tea that a brand has infused with CBD. They look just like your traditional bags of tea; only they contain varying amounts of cannabidiol. You can find hemp tea bags in myriad strengths depending on what kind of potency you’re looking to get from your CBD.

Cannabis CBD tea is fast growing in popularity. CBD tea is made from the leaves and flowering portions of the hemp plant and contain CBD. CBD is one of many cannabinoid compounds found within the cannabis plant. CBD itself is non-psychoactive, so CBD tea won't get you "high." CBD is widely known for its ability to treat conditions like pain, inflammation, anxiety, depression and more. CBD tea is sold in teabags or loose tea to steep into CBD tea. CBD tea is becoming increasingly popular in the United States, having been legalized in all 50 states. CBD tea is also gaining popularity in other parts of the world. CBD tea is now showing up in pop culture, especially CBD Tea beverages.



Unlike other edibles or drinkables, CBD hemp-infused tea (CBD Teas) provides a more natural flavor composition. Because most teas offer an herbal-tasting base, you won’t even pick up on the herbaceous notes of hemp inside. Thus, it’ll taste like you’re enjoying some typical tea, that is, until the cannabidiol starts to work within the body.

Your body must completely digest the tea before the cannabinoids can travel throughout the body and provide the support you’re looking for. The onset time of these CBD teas will vary per person, but usually, you should start to notice effects within about an hour or so.

To help your body break down and digest the CBD, brands will include some sort of oil (usually coconut) within the herbal blend. This way, the cannabinoid can latch onto the fat-based substance and better work throughout the body. Without this binding element, the chemical compound will struggle to function correctly.

You’ll find CBD tea in so many different herbal blends, each one offering unique effects. Some CBD teas may be better for daytime, while companies may craft other blends specifically for nighttime consumption. Just like your favorite tea company, you can find a hemp tea bag in practically any flavor your tastebuds desire.

Why Use CBD Tea Bags?

Hemp-infused tea CBD bags have exploded in popularity recently, but why? Of course, every person will experience different effects from CBD Oil, so the benefits they feel will also vary. However, there are some general benefits and reasons that people choose to use CBD tea bags instead of their traditional tea brands.


For those who enjoy CBD Teas, the taste of the plant-derived compound can sometimes throw you off. In fact, in products like CBD oils, some people genuinely just cannot stand the texture they bring. And, we get that! But that’s precisely why products like hemp tea bags exist. Instead of forcing yourself to enjoy a texture or taste you don’t want, you can just get your daily dose of CBD alongside your morning tea. You’re able to get the same dosage, effects, and experience from your other products, but it will taste a whole lot better.

Other CBD consumers may not enjoy the consumption method of other products. While CBD oils are easy to use, some don’t have the accessibility or range of motion to handle a dropper. Hemp tea bags are much easier to handle, even if you struggle with your range of motion. And, again, you can almost forget you’re taking your daily dose of cannabidiol; it reminds you so much of classic tea.

All in all, people use CBD teas for a lot of different reasons. Let’s quickly discuss some of the benefits that hemp-infused tea may bring, as well.

The Benefits of Hemp-Based Tea

Many people find that turning to hemp tea in the morning is a great way to help curb the caffeine jitters that a cup of coffee may bring. CBD tea bags are full of healthy, helpful ingredients that not only help wake your body up but also provide extra support. For some, this leads to a better mindset and an overall more productive, successful day. Of course, this will depend on the tea’s blend itself, but it’s becoming increasingly common to replace your coffee with some CBD-infused tea instead — and we don’t blame those who do!

Like traditional tea blends, CBD-filled tea bags also have combinations better suited for nighttime use. Sleep-inducing teas are incredibly common, and they’re frequently made with relaxing ingredients like lavender and mint. CBD Oil also has sleep-promoting properties, with many consumers noting its assistance with relaxation and comfort. So, when you add a bit of CBD into your soothing nighttime tea blend, you simply get a recipe for an ultra-restful night of sleep — and without any drowsiness in the morning, either.

In general, people love the all-natural makeup of hemp tea. With all ingredients coming straight from Mother Nature herself, it’s hard to deny the benefits that tea like this could create. However, a bit unconventional, hemp-based teas are proving more supportive than we may realize. But this makes sense! Hemp has been used within foods and beverages in ancient civilizations for centuries — and it definitely wasn’t just for the taste!

How to Use CBD Tea? What is the best way to use CBD Teas

Using hemp-filled tea bags is the easiest part of all of this! After purchasing your favorite tea blends from Black Tie CBD, you just have to start by boiling some water. Once your water has boiled, pour it into a kettle or cup. Then, add your CBD tea bag directly into the water and let it steep for between 3 to 5 minutes. You may leave it longer if you want a more robust flavor; however, we don’t recommend leaving it for longer than 7 - 10 minutes.

Then, you simply remove the bag. If you like your tea more on the sweet side, you can add a squeeze of honey or maybe some lemon if you like citrus. Mix it together and enjoy! That’s all it takes.

Hemp Infused Tea

When you’re consuming your CBD tea, make sure to pay attention to the blend you purchased. Is this more of an uplifting, stimulating tea? Or, is this best for winding down your day? You want to make sure you’re enjoying the hemp-based teas during the correct times of day; otherwise, you may find yourself feeling too tired in the morning or too stimulated at night.

Always enjoy your hemp-infused tea in time that the blend recommends. And, if it isn’t stated, it’s more than worth it to do a quick search about individual ingredients. For example, lavender is best for soothing and sleepiness, while ginseng is more energy-boosting.

Is CBD Infused Tea Legal?

When you hear about products like CBD-infused tea, you have to wonder about their legality. Because marijuana is federally illegal in the US, keeping up with marijuana laws can be challenging. However, CBD tea is entirely legal, thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill.

The Farm Bill outlines the hemp plant’s legality and the strict regulations farmers must follow to adhere to laws. The cultivation, processing, and sales of hemp and hemp products are legal as long as the plants do not contain more than 0.3% THC. If they test higher than that, then the government considers it marijuana, and it is prohibited.

So, when you’re buying hemp tea bags online, you’ll notice that they do not contain more than 0.3% THC — if they contain the cannabinoid at all. As long as these tea bags come from hemp and they follow these guidelines, you know you’re purchasing totally legal CBD tea bags.

Here at Black Tie CBD, we make sure our products always follow federal guidelines. This way, our customers can consume products with total confidence and reassurance that they’re standing in line with the law. If you want, you can always double-check our products’ third-party lab-test results to see firsthand the THC and CBD levels. Whenever you’re purchasing a CBD product, you should do this. If you find that the brand you’re interested in doesn’t provide test results, then that’s the most prominent sign to find a better company — one like Black Tie.

Where to Find the Best Hemp Tea Bags

Trying to find hemp tee bags isn’t as easy as finding some high-quality CBD oils. While hemp tea is quickly gaining popularity, only a few brands are skilled enough to craft some for their customers. Black Tie CBD is one of the few CBD brands on the market that’s bold enough to sell hemp-infused tea — and absolutely perfect the craft at the same time.

At Black Tie CBD Products, we offer hemp-based teas in so many different flavors, each one appealing to different taste buds. We’ll talk more about our varieties in a minute, but do know that there’s no shortage of CBD-filled tea options here on our site. We offer these high-quality, delicious CBD-infused teas at affordable prices and substantial potencies, so all of our customers have something to choose from.

As we mentioned, feel free to check out our products’ third-party lab-test results. These results are readily available on our website for anybody to analyze. Here, you’ll see the exact cannabinoid levels within our hemp-infused tea. Not only that, but these tests demonstrate that third parties test our products for harmful components like heavy metals, pesticides, and residual solvents. You’ll see for yourself that our products — including our teas — will never include any of these additives.

Black Tie CBD’s Hemp-Infused Tea Bag Varieties

When you scroll through our CBD tea bag varieties on our site, you’ll notice that we have quite a wide variety of options to choose from. If you’re looking for some tea to help you unwind and relax before bed, our CBD Chamomile Tea will be ideal. Are you looking for something to center yourself a bit? The Buddha’s Berry will help with that, too. Or, are you hoping for something to soothe the stomach? The Mellow Mint blend is made specifically for that.

Whether you’re looking for something specific or just want to try some beneficial CBD-infused tea, Black Tie CBD has you covered. And, all of our tea bags are priced at $15.00 flat, each with three tea bags to enjoy. That’s only $5 a tea bag — quite an affordable price for 50-60 mg. of full-spectrum CBD per bag! Find your favorite flavors and your excellent benefits; then, place your order and let Black Tie handle the rest.

Purchasing Hemp Tea Through Black Tie CBD

Purchasing hemp-filled tea has never been easier, thanks to Black Tie CBD. Stop struggling to find a transparent, high-quality brand that offers what you’re looking for! Instead, head on over to Black Tie’s impressive online CBD store and see what we have for you. On top of our products, we offer other outstanding CBD resources, so you know everything you need to about products like these — and cannabinoids like CBD, CBG, and delta-8 THC.

Once you make a purchase through Black Tie, we’ll make sure to ship out your products within two days of receiving them. From there, we’ll ship our beloved products in protected, nondescript packaging, so nobody knows what you’re buying. Your best CBD tea will show up safe and sound on your doorstep in just a matter of days. And, if what you buy isn’t satisfactory for any reason, you have 15 days to return your product and receive a refund or exchange (if applicable).

See what the hype is all about and take a look through Black Tie CBD’s vast selection of hemp tea products and other drinkables and edibles (CBD Products(. Find the product that most appeals to you and your bank account, and it’ll be ready at your door in just a few day’s time. Experience a whole new type of cannabidiol and see what hemp-infused tea bags do for you. Soon, you’ll never want to drink regular tea again.

Start scrolling through our impressive best CBD tea selection today and find the infused tea of your dreams. Or maybe you will find another interesting for you CBD Products! And also try our other products like CBD FlowerCBD for Pets, and CBD Oils, discover CBD with us!

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Frequently asked question

This seems to good to be true, is buying hemp online legal?

Thanks to the passing of the Farm Bill in 2018, interstate commerce of hemp was legalized. Now you can absolutely legally buy and enjoy products from Black Tie CBD store. Remember, Black Tie hemp dispensary may only sell cannabis to adult customers.

What Is Delta 8 THC?

If you’ve found yourself asking, “What is Delta 8 THC?” you’ve come to the right place. Delta 8 THC, also known as Delta-8 tetrahydrocannabinol, is a psychoactive substance that comes from the Cannabis sativa plant. Delta 8 THC has  milder psychoactive and intoxicating effects than Delta 9 THC, but it is still important for users to be aware of its potential to impact them. Legally sold Delta 8 THC products contain less than 0.3% THC, which limits the extent of THC’s effect. 

When compared to traditional CBD and Delta 9 THC products, Delta 8 THC products are relatively new to the market and therefore require more extensive research and legislation. The FDA has not evaluated or approved Delta 8 THC products for safe use and they may be marketed in ways that put public health at risk. Some concerns include variability in product labeling and product formulations as well as other terpene and cannabinoid content and concentrations of variable Delta 8 THC.

Some people use Delta 8 THC for a variety of health conditions including nausea, vomiting, glaucoma, sleep issues, and more. It is important to note that the FDA has neither evaluated nor supported Delta 8 THC for these or other health conditions. 

Most users experience a floating and uplifting state followed by a mellow calm and a relaxed state of mind when taking Delta 8 THC and using Delta 8 THC products. Delta 8 may be incorporated into several different forms including edibles, smokables, flowers, dab waxes, moon rocks, pre-rolls, and more. 

Products containing Delta 8 THC should be stored away from pets and children.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a non-intoxicating cannabis compound that has significant medical benefits but does not make people feel “stoned”

What Is Hemp?

The hemp plant and its extracts are often used for a wide range of conditions. What is hemp? Hemp or cannabis sativa is the same species of plant as cannabis. Unlike cannabis, hemp contains low concentrations of THC, under 0.3%.

Both cannabis and hemp also contain cannabinoids like CBDV (cannabidivarin), CBD, CBG, cannabigerol, and others. The 2018 Farm Bill established the specific definition of hemp versus cannabis by restricting the content of THC in hemp to no more than 0.3%. Additionally, hemp seeds contain protein, fats, and other nutrients.

Some people mistakenly confuse hemp with hemp agrimony, Canadian hemp, cannabidiol, or cannabis but they are not the same. The legality of hemp is a hotly contested topic within the US given the different forms of hemp that exist and state restrictions. The Agricultural Improvement Act of 2018 legalized industrial hemp with no restrictions on sale, transport, or possession of hemp-derived products so long as they contain no more than 0.3% THC, as per section 10113 of the Farm Bill. 

Hemp can be used to create both commercial and industrial products, including rope, textiles, clothing, shoes, fuel. Hemp has become an increasingly popular choice by many to address certain physical and neurological conditions including skin and stress issues, but factual evidence on the safety and efficacy of hemp for medicinal purposes is still up for debate. Individuals who choose to utilize hemp for medicinal or therapeutic purposes should always consult a medical professional prior to use.

Do you ship outside of the US?

Unfortunately, we do not ship our products outside of the US. We are, however, able to ship all throughout the US.

What's your shipping policy?

Orders are shipped within 2 business days of being received. Average delivery time is 3 to 7 business days. We ask that you allow a minimum of 7 business days before contacting us with any questions regarding shipments. Tracking numbers are provided to customers for all orders as soon as they are available. 

We ship to all 50 States! 

All orders are professionally and discreetly packaged. 

All orders come with a standard "Notice to Law Enforcement" describing section 7606 of the 2014 Agricultural Act. Orders also include a copy of the test results for the product enclosed. Black Tie will not include a bill of lading or an invoice inside the package. 

Black Tie uses legal methods of shipping to customers and all packages are sent via our customers shipping method requests i.e. priority vs. first-class. Therefore, we cannot be held responsible for any order that is stolen outside the customers' address, lost in transit, undelivered or mistakenly seized.

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