Mary's Nutritionals Elite Gel Pen
Mary’s patented Transdermal Gel Pen is a great resource for immediate relief and a wonderful accompaniment to the transdermal patch. Each pen contains 50 (2mg) doses of gel enriched with activated hemp extract. Apply it to the wrist, ankle or any other...
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Mary's Nutritionals Elite Compound
A spot-specific transdermal balm formulated for much deeper penetration than traditional topicals. Contains 100mg of activated hemp extract. Mary’s best-selling transdermal Compound can be applied locally to muscles, joints or any tender area. Ingredients: Mango Butter, Beeswax, Soothing Touch Nut-Free Massage oil (High...
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Mary's Nutritionals Burn-Out Topical Mist
Mary’s Burn-Out Topical Mist is formulated with 250mg of activated hemp extract, aloe vera, lavender, German blue chamomile, melaleuca and other beneficial plant compounds. Can be used to hydrate and rejuvenate damaged skin. Ingredients: Aloe Vera Water, Distilled Water, Witch...
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Mary's Nutritionals Hemp Massage Oil
Mary’s Hemp Massage Oil is designed to hydrate and rejuvenate your skin while easing the inevitable aches and pains of an active lifestyle. The unscented, all-natural formulation of Mary’s Hemp Massage Oilalso includes Sunflower Seed Oil which helps retain moisture, Rice Bran Oil which...
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Mary's Nutritionals Muscle Freeze
Say goodbye to unwanted aches with Mary’s award-winning Muscle Freeze. The paraben free topical is infused with activated hemp extract and other whole-plant nutrients to provide quick relief and a soothing, cooling effect. Available in 1.5 oz with 75mg of activated...
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Mary's Nutritionals Elite Patch
Mary’s Elite Patches are 2×2 laser-cut squares that contain 10mg of hemp extract, which is gradually released over 8-12 hours. Patches are latex-free and made with pharmaceutical grade adhesive and hypoallergenic foam backer.   Ingredients: Acrylic Adhesive, Propylene Glycol, Oleic Acid, Sunflower...
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Mary's Nutritionals Transdermal Relief Cream
The Transdermal Relief Cream is infused with 100mg activated hemp extract and lidocaine was developed in collaboration with Denver-based rheumatologist Dr. Eric M. Westerman. The revolutionary formulation features proprietary elements that make it possible for the ingredients of the Relief Cream...
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Mary's Nutritionals Bath Bomb
Create an oasis in the bath with two unique and equally amazing experiences. The Calm Bomb’s lavender aroma is great for relaxation and winding down the day. The Boost Bomb’s citrus aroma can clear your mind and boost energy. The...
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If you are struggling with chronic pain and are tired of medications and don’t know where to turn, try a CBD topical salve. Topicals help with chronic pain and can improve your quality of life. Don’t live with pain when you can buy hemp topicals online. We have gel pens, soap bombs, massage oils, and muscle freeze. Your body needs help to heal properly, and while medications work for some people, they aren’t the right answer for everyone. Discover the healing power of CBD topical salves and oils and stop living in pain. Ease back in a warm bath surrounded by the relaxing smell of lavender and take the strain off your aching joints and muscles with hemp topicals today.


How does topical CBD work?

Topical CBD is applied to the skin or the inflamed area. CBD is absorbed through the pores of the skin and does not enter the bloodstream, acting locally on the inflamed area. This is a convenient way to apply CBD not to the entire body, but to specific areas.

How long does topical CBD stay in your system?

CBD foods remain in the body for 2 to 5 days. But the timing is very dependent on the type of CBD product consumed. Topical CBDs are applied to the skin and are not absorbed into the bloodstream, so their effects will last less.

How to choose CBD topical?

When choosing a CBD topical, first decide what you need this tool for. A wide selection of CBD topicals is designed for a variety of purposes. If you need to reduce joint pain, you can opt for CBD pain cream. Always check the certification of all CBD products.

What are the CBD topical?

You probably already understood from the name that topical CBD is CBD-containing products that can be used externally, not internally. It is a cream or lotion that is applied to the skin to relieve pain or improve skin condition.

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