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The Different Hemp Flower Strains

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The Different Hemp Flower Strains

You’ll often see people extoll the virtues of pre-made CBD tinctures. However, some people prefer to find raw CBD flower for sale that they can grind and roll up for a relaxing smoke, or even to extract the oils themselves. If you’d prefer this do-it-yourself method, then you should learn about the different hemp flower strains in order to tailor the experience and benefits to your liking.

What Exactly Is CBD Flower?

CBD flower is simply the buds of a hemp plant that are harvested without much need for an extraction process, apart from removing the buds from the plant. The buds of a hemp flower provide the same cannabinoids and terpenes that provide the beneficial effects of CBD; however, they also offer the benefit of producing a stronger entourage effect since the other cannabinoids within the flower haven’t been removed, as is typically the goal with CBD oil extraction.

To those unaware, the entourage effect is when the other cannabinoids act synergistically to provide a more potent effect that amplifies the benefits you desire. This is the main significance between the different hemp flower strains because altering the combination of cannabinoids will make different benefits more potent.

Is CBD Flower Legal?

This is often one of the most pressing questions as many people confuse CBD for marijuana. As of 2018, the cultivation of hemp has been completely legalized so long as the THC content stays at or below 0.03%--otherwise, it is no longer considered hemp. You can rest easy knowing that any kind of CBD product or flower being sold is completely legal, and you shouldn’t worry about doing anything wrong by partaking in its benefits.

The General CBD Benefits

Before we get into the varying flower strains, let us cover the general benefits you’ll obtain from CBD. The most prominent features of which are the natural anti-inflammatory and anxiolytic properties CBD contains. These properties offer effective stress, anxiety, and pain relief by interacting with the endocannabinoid system to bolster our body’s natural regulation processes to reduce an over-abundance of cortisol—a stress-producing hormone—or a buildup of white blood cells causing inflammation and swelling.

What To Look for in CBD Flower

The first step of choosing a CBD flower strain is understanding where and what to look for in a CBD product. With Black Tie, we provide lab tests that thoroughly detail the attributes of every strain we offer on our website. You can rest easy knowing that you’ll only be receiving high-quality products and the exact CBD content and terpene profiles you desire without any harmful contaminants, such as pesticides from the growing process.

As a rule, however, you should always look for third-party lab reports on any CBD product you consider buying. They keep vendors honest and customers well-informed about the products they intend to ingest.

The Different CBD Flower Strains

Finally, we can get into the actual CBD flower strains.

  • Bubba Kush—This indica strain contains an earthy flavor with hints of dark chocolate and coffee. Bubba Kush been identified as particularly useful for winding down and relaxing after a long day, making for an effective sleep aid that allows you to go to bed feeling calm and relieved of tension.
  • Blueberry Pie—This is another indica strain that crosses two famous strains, Girl Scout Cookies and Blue Dream, into one potent hybrid. This strain will be a good choice for those looking to relieve stress or physical discomforts such as tension, aches, and sores.
  • Amnesia—Unique in that it contains a higher content of THC, this sativa strain is beneficial for those with mood disorders by providing uplifting and euphoric feelings. New users should be wary, as the high may not be what they were anticipating.
  • Candyland—Notable for its appearance of sugar-like trichomes with golden hairs weaving between them, the Candyland strain is best suited for those looking to alleviate moderate pain, aches, and muscle tension. Additionally, Candyland is something of a stimulant, as you’ll feel more energized after imbibing.
  • Cherry Pie—Named after its sweet cherry pie-esque aroma, this strain is quick to act, and its relaxing properties will linger for hours. Between its sweet aroma, tasty flavor, and strong effects, this is easily a favorite for casual imbibers.
  • Bubble Gum—Like Cherry Pie, the Bubble Gum strain features sweet and fruity flavors for enjoyable consumption. However, the effects of this strain are unique. With the Bubble Gum strain, you’ll find your body feeling comfortably numb while still feeling clearheaded. As a bonus, Bubble Gum is a very easy strain to grow, and for all these reasons, it has been well-renowned since the early 90s.

Can CBD Flower Get You High?

Because we mentioned a strain that includes THC, we should clear up some common misconceptions about CBD and the intoxicating effects most associated with cannabis plants. CBD itself will not get you high, as THC is the cannabinoid that produces that particular euphoric intoxication. Most CBD products you will encounter originate from hemp, a cannabis plant that is notable and has been made legal because it is rich in CBD, while containing merely 0.03% THC. CBD products only contain enough THC to have an effect, and the small amount of THC has been purposefully added by the manufacturer for users who enjoy the high. If you want to be certain a product has not had THC added to it, refer back to those lab reports that any good vendor will provide about their products.

How To Use CBD Flower

When using raw CBD flower buds, smoking is typically the preferred method of consumption. As such, pre-rolled joints or CBD cigarettes are readily available for convenience. However, the buds are still sold as-is for those who are more experienced and who prefer to prepare their own CBD smokables. While smoking is recommended as being one of the more convenient methods of using CBD flower, it is also an effective way to obtain the benefits of CBD.

It should be noted that CBD flower has not been evaluated by the FDA, so there are no guidelines of the intended use or any sort of regulations. For this reason, we once again stress the value of provided lab reports to ensure you’re buying quality products from a reputable vendor.

The Different Hemp Flower Strains