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What are THCA Diamonds?

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Cannabis connoisseurs like ourselves are always on the lookout for the latest and greatest new product to hit the market. THCa is relatively new, at least as far as mainstream coverage of the compound is concerned. The public started to catch on to THCa’s popularity around mid-2017, and since then the concept of how this precursor to THC came to be has exploded. That leads us to the different forms of THCa, one of which being THCa diamonds

What Are THCA Diamonds

You’re probably familiar with other crystalline concentrates like CBD crystalline, CBG crystalline, and THC in its diamond form. The concept of THCa diamonds is more or less the same. The goal of any concentrate is to provide users with as pure a form of the compound as possible. With most concentrates ranging from 70-90% THC when burned, THCa concentrates give users the chance to inhale a nearly pure form of THC. But what is THCa all about and how can you derive the most benefits from THCa diamonds? Black Tie CBD is here to show you.

What is THCa?

Tetraydrocannabolic acid (THCa) is the precursor compound to THC. Found in fresh, untreated cannabis, THCa in its raw state is not psychoactive. When decarboxylated, a portion of THCa turns into THC and delivers the pleasant effects we know and love. That said, THCa is still valuable even in its unheated form.

    The Basics of THCa Diamonds

    Made from the cannabinoid THCa, THCa diamonds deliver a concentrated, crystalline form of the compound. People love THCa diamonds because they find them to be the purest form of THCa. As with all other crystallines, THCa diamones vary in size, shape, color, and clarity. They most stand out from other types of concentrates for their potency, terpene content, and the ways in which the compound is extracted. Those in the know hold THCa diamonds in high regard for their versatility and because of the skill required for the extraction process.

    How to Use THCa Diamonds

    If you’re familiar with vaping or smoking THC diamonds or other crystalline forms of CBD concentrate, you’ll be a pro at taking THCa diamonds. That’s because the consumption method is the same. Some people add the diamonds to blunts or bowls to increase the THC consumption.

    How THCa Diamonds Stack Up Against Other Concentrates

    We mentioned earlier that there are various other forms of THCa cannabis concentrates  such as resin and distillate oils. These differ from THCa diamonds in chemical makeup, texture, and the materials from which they are extracted. When comparing the different types, the primary factor to consider is the potency. 

    THCa diamonds deliver a high-quality form of THCa that often contains over 98% of the product’s chemical profile. Distillates, on the other hand, may contain various other cannabinoids that make the product less pure. Additionally, distillate cannabis oils can be extracted from many different things and may include stems and leaves. Extracting THCa diamonds, however, utilizes the hydrocarbon extraction process; this entails using the whole flower base material to preserve the maximum amount of terpenes in each cannabis strain.

    Simply put, THCa Diamonds are higher quality because of the refined cultivation techniques used to produce them.  

    THCa Hemp Flower

    In the event that you’re not quite ready to dive into the full concentrate, you can dip a toe into the THCa-laden waters by trying out THC-a Hemp Flower:

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